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  1. Going forward I am switching to the Crystal Sky android devices. Since DJI opened up the Crystal Sky to 3rd party apps, I'm assuming that crystal sky will be de facto standard against which DJI will develop the GO apps and the sdk for. Currently it is a pain to put 3rd party apps on the crystal sky devices. In the future DJI should make this process easier.
  2. I got the inductrix and a pair of the less expensive fat shark goggles. There is a small monitor that comes with the inductrix that I used at first. However I switched to the fpv goggles after a short amount of time.
  3. Tiny Whoops are great fun. For myself I heard that you need to rest the tiny whoops in between batteries so I bought two of them. Also - get a pair of FPV googles - which just adds to the fun. If you happen to be around Portland OR then post a message. We are trying to get a tiny whoop group organized.
  4. I think many part 107 holders and hobbyists have a hard time with where airspace is regulated and safe to fly - even with all the electronic tools out there to help. It is one thing to learn about airspace and restrictions on drones in general but it is hard to translate that into specific locations used by new pilots or newly minted part 107 holders. Using your drone simulator, especially if you have realistic local 2d/3d mapping capabilities built in - locate very specific locations pertinent to the students. For instance, is it ok to fly in the student's own yard? What if the students live in an apartment building - can they fly in their parking lot? Next what about the local parks next to their houses? What about flying at popular scenic locations around your city or town. For instance if you wanted to fly a drone next to a cool looking bridge - can it be legally done and how can the flight be flown? What if you want to fly a drone along a beach and/or a river - can it be done and what authorizations need to be obtained? These scenarios can be developed to eventually include commercial applications - if someone wants you to inspect a specific building rooftop in your city - how can the flight be safely done and how to obtain the necessary authorizations.
  5. I'm not being facetious here but what is the competition? I'm running a business writing custom solutions use DJI drones and their sdk. I can go to a client and knock out a proof of concept app for a business within a couple of weeks. Granted the proof of concept app is pretty limited but the drone flies, integrates a mapping solution, comes with a variety of built-in safety solutions like return to home and object avoidance etc.... A full fledged solution that is very user friendly of course takes much longer but the DJI sdks are quite good, have good documentation that is updated frequently, it is actively being developed with a large company (DJI) putting a lot of resources into making the sdk even better. Also DJI has new products coming out on a quarterly or semi-annual basis to make the entire process even simpler. I began all this writing drone apps using the 3dr ecosystem. It was ok for a while but the sdk (last called tower I think) was not near as sophisticated as what DJI has available. I know that intel wants folks to use their drone solution - software and hardware - but quite frankly until Intel or someone else puts millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, behind their solution it will be difficult to develop the intel solution. If I had a couple of million of dollars from a venture capital fund to develop a drone solution then I can see using pixhawk and other open source items out there, but I do not. Again I'm not knocking pixhawk and other open source solutions out there. Far from it. I do regret when 3DR was no longer an option for me as a developer. But again, in all seriousness, what are the other options out there for me that is as good as the DJI ecosystem for me to quickly develop drone solutions that focus on the solutions and not just getting hardware working together or getting the drone to fly?
  6. I haven't used GS Pro so I've no advice there. I thought GS Pro is only iOS and I use android. On a slightly different note: I'm thinking there needs to be a skills test for folks that want to do inspections. The test would be to fly long inspections manually, over a building with no visual cues, keeping a heading, snapping a pic every 10 feet, avoiding objects, and completing a lawnmower pattern. It is surprising difficult to complete what seems like a basic task.
  7. With drone deploy the drone takes a picture while the drone moves along - hence the lack of clarity due to a low shutter speed as well as lack of accuracy on the location due to time it takes to take and store a pic. One solution would be to move the drone to a spot, stop and ensure the drone is still, take a pic, then move to the next spot, stop, take a pic - repeat through the 600 pics needed for the survey. There is a hard limit of 99 waypoints with DJI missions. However 6 - 7 missions could be created and then uploaded as needed to complete the survey. Of course this method will take more batteries - that would be expected. However 10,000 sq feet is only a quarter acre which is not too large.
  8. My take on the DJI geo no fly zones is we are seeing an international company setting policy consistent with their home country being poorly translated to other countries. Since DJI is based in China, they are creating their restriction policies consistent with Chinese government requirements consistent with their no fly zones as well as registration requirements. As one example, while in the United States, we have the policy of contacting the FAA to receive permission to fly in no fly zones in a variety of ways. I'm not sure how the system works in China to receive permission to fly in no fly zones.
  9. When do you see Open Drone map being stable and reliable? Also the software is meant to be run under ubuntu. Nothing wrong with ubuntu but I have never used that os and I particularly do not want to deal with running the vm to run Open Drone in a windows environment. Is there any chance to Open Drone being run natively under iOS or windows? Thanks.
  10. How many P4 batteries do you want to fly each day? While the systems sold by GoalZero sound good, they do not store that much energy until you get to the much larger and heavier units. Also it take a long time to recharge these batteries via solar and that is assuming lots of sunlight. If I'm reading the charts correctly, it takes about 5 - 10 hours of sun to recharge the sherpa 100 assuming using 2 of the solar units. It also takes 4 hours via a car charger. A full charge for the sherpa 100 will only charge 1 to 2 phantom batteries. So using the sherpa 100 will give you enough juice to power at most 4 batteries each day - I would plan on only half that because you are doing other things on your trip besides wanting to ensure your batteries are charged. My way of thinking - which might be way off base for your needs - is to rent the goal zero yeti 1400. This is their largest capacity battery and can charge up to 20 - 25 batteries. For me, I wouldn't be too concerned using the sun to recharge the battery but find a plug as needed to recharge it.
  11. The city of Garfield banned flying drones under hobby rules to folks' own property - basically their own yards. I think more cities will continue down this path. Here's the link to the article: City basically bans drones beyond backyard: For some reason the newspaper reported it was only ok to fly drones above 400' and not under. I think more communities will go down this route and restrict flying under the hobby rules to not allow drones to fly over towns.
  12. I ended up getting 2 Blade inductrix drones. I read someplace that they needed to cool down after one battery and I didn't want to wait that long before flying again. It is an easy and inexpensive way to get a taste of FPV. Lots of fun. I fly them at home. Occasionally I'll fly them while my wife makes dinner - a bit distracting but I find it is better than using air gates.
  13. Thanks for the info. The request was by an international aid agency that was looking for a drone to scout ahead 10 miles or so during natural disasters - both for security and damage. I'll pass along that there is nothing available at this time.
  14. Does anyone know of a uav system that can maintain a FPV view over 10 - 15 miles? The terrain will likely be difficult to maintain a signal such as having lots of hills.
  15. I have also noticed that the same handful of folks post on here. One idea is to use a slightly different format to gain more engagement and exposure such as a blog. While the forum format has many advantages, a blog format allows for in-depth articles. Another idea is to solicit opinions from industry experts when appropriate on the forums. One example is the forum post about when it is ok to sell a photo taken from a hotel room. The answer to this is quite complex and although I thought about answering the question - I really do not have the expertise to give a good opinion. On the other hand, having an opinion by someone knowledgeable about the topic would be quite helpful. That said - I really like this forum because people are respectful. There are very few instances where two or more people take a tangent from the original topic and start insulting each other. To me being disrespectful is the bane of internet forums.
  16. I'm wondering if UAV coach can organize a raffle for one of these setups? It should run around $35,000 or so.
  17. The Kashmir foundation has a program to help with K-12 drone programs. Here is a link to a week training program for teachers. focus is on learning by building open source drones which they sell as kits. As far as curriculum details they might have some good ideas on where to start.
  18. I appreciate all the responses and I think the answer is no - it is not possible to receive the waivers necessary to fly over people at events without resorting to efforts such as using a tether, a drone with redundancies such as a hexacopter, and/or implementing emergency procedure policies - all things that I will not have in place by this summer for this event. Just as an example is this video of a night event attended by 50,000+ people:;_ylt=A86.J3bN6PhY9koAKxknnIlQ?p=drone+video+events+parades&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002#id=2&vid=c59c86992c9b10be ac8914a29ff0da9a&action=view I realize that this video was shot in 2015 prior to part 107 being implemented. However do folks here think this video could be shot under a part 107 even if the event took place in the day and there were no airspace concerns? While some of the shots were filmed to the side of people at the parade - other shots took place over cars, roads, and people.
  19. I've an opportunity to film a large private event in a mid-size city. The purpose is to fly over the crowd to show the crowd size - people shots, etc... Has anyone received permission from the FAA and a city government to fly these types of missions under part 107? To me, at first glance, the mission seems a definite no go - flying over a crowd is specifically not allowed under 107. I'd seek permission from the city government just so they are aware of the flight regardless if the FAA requires it. I'm wondering if by setting up the shots correctly, that the drone will not be directly over people then it is possible to fly the mission.
  20. Hi Juggernaut, Feel free to contact me at davejacob at silverdynsoftware dot com about your idea. Currently I'm working on a drone app for wildlife conservation as well as an app for the OSMO. I recently started a company SilverDyn Software devoted to writing custom apps for DJI products and I've a website here: Thanks, Dave
  21. I'm looking for a method to place a 3d model into an android app and then have the drone fly around the 3d model and not have to rely on GPS to determine the position of the drone. A use case would be to conduct repeat inspections of a building. Complete a detailed 3d model once. Then use the 3d model to determine the position of the drone by comparing the video to what the drone sees while flying to what the drone would see flying around a 3d model. I've contacted several 3d model companies but I have not found something yet. If anyone knows of such a product then please let me know.
  22. In the northwest I am looking forward to using a m200 because the rain limits the times when I can fly drones. I'm guessing the m200 will be around $5,000 for a basic model with a nice camera and go up from there.
  23. I wonder if having transponder on the drone would make a difference to ATC? I think it does make a difference to ATC that they cannot see, locate via transponder, the drone and they know that they might have to route traffic over your location.
  24. Here's a link after a quick google search: There is a brief set of bullet points of what to expect on where you can and cannot fly. Two points I noticed - one is having insurance. The second is having permission for any property you end up photographing - even for recreational purposes. It looks like the laws regarding privacy are quite a bit different between USA/Canada and France.
  25. Here is a project that I just started - using drones to search for people using an avalanche beacon. Currently I have only completed a rough prototype just using an avalanche beacon attached to a phantom 3. My plan is to develop a full working system sometime later this year. Here is a link to a brief blog post and video: