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  1. I am based in Australia and have a keen desire to enter the drone services industry here in Australia. I have been researching the industry, and I am particular impressed with the Drone Base model in the US and believe a similar model would work extremely well here in Australia. Last year I sold my business Smoke Alarm Solutions. Commencing from no employees, we grew to 230 employees, servicing 220,000 homes, attending more than 1,000 homes every day. I am now wishing to apply my proven skills to a new business, and a business in the drone industry has great appeal. I have no drone experience and no photography experience, so at this stage my preference is to acquire or invest in an existing business. There are hundreds of drone businesses in Australia, most of them small, and there is as much potential here as there is in the US, albeit on s smaller scale given our population. I am interested in speaking with any existing companies operating in the US in the drone service industry that may be interested in expanding into Australia. I am a business builder with a proven track record and a brilliant marketer, and I know we could make a well-structured drone company highly successful in Australia. Anyone out there interested?