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  1. I applied for a authorization to operate in a class of airspace, 107.41 - airspace. On my paperwork it states how I listed it above. It can be confusing.
  2. I applied online February 1. Received a phone call March 2 to discuss the terms of approval. Then on March 6 received an email with the authorization and details. You should be hearing something soon. I hope all goes well for you also!
  3. Update: I received my certificate of waiver or authorization. I can operate in Class E Airspace around MCW at or below 100 AGL and a ceiling > 1000 ft. I also have a radius around the airport that I can not operate in. It is larger than I requested but workable. My cert expires in September. It was mentioned that in the future there might be authorization through an app rather than the current process. That will be interesting to see if that becomes a reality. Thank you to everyone who gave me guidance. I'm sure it made my approval process much smoother.
  4. I can live with that! Most of the work would be below 100-200 AGL. It would be the few aerial shots to show location to the lake or a point of interest. I have been training on my acreage in Class G airspace and found 150 AGL to be more than enough for some beautiful aerial views and I am able to display about 2.5 acres. I will post an update. I hope for a positive outcome!
  5. Thanks for the Reply Ed! I plan to apply and I will post the outcome. Your expectations are my fears. I would like to responsibly fly Clear Lake. With half of the Lake and a majority of the city in Class E, it is where a good portion of my businesses and activity is located. We will see what happens!
  6. I'm out on the FAA site looking over 107 waivers. I don't see any 107.41 - airspace. I would like to operate in a town that has a non-towered airport right outside of town (E). I was hoping to see some examples so I have an idea of what to request. I hope to augment my real estate/vacation home rental business with drone photography. I would also like to take on other jobs in the area. The E airspace covers about half of the lake and a major part of the city. I attached a visual of the city and marked a 1 mile and 1.5 mile along with the 5 mile radius. Any suggestions and guidance would be appreciated! Bio - Part 107 status-temporary license issued, Flying drones for a little over two years.