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    Hey everyone I need to know do I need to apply for authorization from each airport if I live in an area that has three hospital helipads and I am within five miles of a military base and another airport. So that's four known places but looking at several apps there are several more airports within five miles. So do I have to get a general authorization (if there is one) or do I have to contact each airport. I hope someone has encountered something similar to my issue. Yes this authorization process is a bit confusing at best.
  2. Hello fellow pilots I have a question regarding setup. I'd appreciate any advice given. I'm trying to decide which drone to go with and was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to compare drone cameras versus DSLR cameras. To be a little more specific I like the Turboace Matrix E quadcopter vs the Typhoon 4K which I was looking at. I want something that will allow me to grow (inputting other items on the drone as I grow). For example is the Sony Nexus or alpha 6000 camera's quality comparable to the Typhoon 4K camera. I would be initially using the camera for real estate photos with the intent to grow to where I would be doing inspection work requiring a thermal camera. Would the Typhoon 4K allow this upgrade or add-on?? I know the Turboace Matrix can support the items as I grow. If anyone has had the opportunity to compare these type of cameras and setup on the Typhoon (if it's possibleat all as well) I'd like to hear anything you have to say about these cameras or about what I'm proposing. Thanks