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  1. Where does everyone get their music for their video's from.
  2. Thanks for all the reply's. I appreciate it.
  3. I'm flying the Phantom 3 Pro. I'm located in North Texas. I have no background in real estate. Just thought that would be a good market to get started with. No website yet. I have been working on a portfolio of pictures and video's. I'm filling my 333 exemption tomorrow. I have formed OneDrone, LLC. I'm planning to start knocking on doors next month. I saw my first drone about 3 years ago, It had me hooked. So this year i finally took the plunge and decided to go all in.
  4. Any suggestions, on what people are charging for their services. I have everything in place, but that is the one thing i have not figured out. Thanks
  5. Alan i am having trouble posting or replying in other topics also.
  6. i am close to starting my business. But the one thing i have not figured out is pricing. What are people charging for real estate filming or photography I'm also interested in doing aerial inspections. .Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Frank OneDRONE LLC