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  1. Good morning Chase and UAV fam. If I'm privileged to win the DJI mini, this will be another tool added that I can use to help me get one step closer to my goal of hopefully one day soon working solely for myself as a UAV pilot. Also, it will be exciting to have a chance to operate a DJI drone. I currently have a Yuneec Drone which I really like, but I've also been really curious about how Dji drones fly and operate. So it will be fun to use this first for business and recreationally as well. 👍🏾
  2. Whats good my fellow UAV Community; I hope you all are having an AWESOME weekend!!! The reason for my post is because I'm just curious if anyone has any suggestions on how one can go about generating 3-D mapping & modeling business with construction companies, wind turbine companies, and cell phone tower providers. I've tried to get ahold of entities like Verizon's Telecom Dept. but I can't get ahold of anyone. I'm also very interested in trying to work with and provide construction companies and architectural firms with this beneficial service, but I'm not sure what's the best
  3. Chris, thank you for posting this. That was totally ridiculous on that individual's part. I hate to say it but we know his issue was not really about drones; pretty sad. Kuddos to you though on staying controlled. That would have been hard for me especially when he was disrespecting and profiling you. Anyhow, keep up the good work bro.
  4. L&L Drone Views, I understand where you are coming from and thank you for sharing your candid insight. As for myself, I'm learning and getting a true feel regarding professionals in the business such as yourself and others, who have shared their experiences regarding this issue and others that has posed challenges to the dreams many of us share, of either developing or further developing these awesome and useful services. Recently, I talked to a business consultant/instructor who gave me some tips. He also handed me this book to read called, "All In Start Up". Now let me be clear, im not p
  5. Thank you Av8Chuck for sharing your experiences and in-depth info. This is very helpful.
  6. What's good, my fellow UAS Entreprenaurs? As I'm sure you all know, the UAS community is embarking on some EXCITING new times and opportunities, that continues to not only revolutionize how different industries operate, but more importantly, how we provide top notch and very needed services to our consumers. However, with that being said, I'm sure many of you regardless of how long you have been operating your business, have or are, experiencing different challenges that I'm sure has provided some discouragement. So my question to all of you is, WHAT CHALLENGES are you or have you faced runnin
  7. Good morning all. I just have a general question regarding what your suggestion(s) would be on how to go about selling farmers on the idea of utilizing AG Drone Companies to regularly monitor/scout their crops. I've been doing a lot of research the last year an a 1/2 on Ag drone models, FAA rules & regulations, etc. because I'm very interested in starting my own company. So I was going through a list of possible rebuttals that Farmers might have as to why they don't feel it's necessary to use an AG Drone Company for crop monitoring and one of the rebuttals I came up with that they might ha