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  1. I am in the same area of thought. I do think that using drones will greatly benefit ag, and other industries. I have been thinking a lot about this lately because i am going to try to get a business going using drones for many industries but mainly for ag since my background and passion is ag. One of the main things i keep coming to is the example of gps. Early on no one thought it would work out but slowly people came around.
  2. hey man i am also trying to start a business mainly in ag but hope to branch to other areas where drones will be used. just wondering where your area is and if you came up with anything on pricing. my thought was to go as cheap as possible so that the crop consultants in my area would consider using my service rather than just buying their own but i still dont know what that pricing is. thanks 

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      hello ksfarmer I am in the tri-cities area I live in Iowa and am about 15 minuets from south Dakota and Nebraska. I have a chance to hook up with some big time companies with corn. I think I may be doing 2-3$ for 400-500 acres, 1-1.5$ for 200-300 acres and .25-.75 cents per acre and discuss with each farmer less than 200 acres based on pricing but just give small farmers more of a deal to what they are comfortable with where do you live? also I still need to find out what prices are for corn this year, these prices are based on corn fields but prices will more than likely will vary from area to area. I hope this helps you in someway. if you have any ideas please let me know! ii would love to help you and have you help me throughout the upcoming season. I would be willing to share do's and don'ts throughout the year! good luck to you!