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  1. Thanks Ed! Thanks to your comment I found where my mistake was coming from. I Thought Okeechobee County Airport was a sfc class E, but it wasn't! it was class E from 700 ft AGL, and that's why it wasn't showed on Airmap or Skyward which are only showing airspaces below 500ft. I asked the same question to Airmap and SKyward and their answer was unclear... Maybe I can ask you what do you think of the class B limits which are very precise or those apps and much less precise on a sectional chart (originaly designed for Planes). Exemple in Miami class B : the east limits are shown over the land on Airmap and SKyward where as they are shown over the shore on the sectional charts...
  2. Here is a feedback from a flight operation I did last week in the vicinity of Okkechobee County Airport in Florida : I had a client requesting a flight in the vicinity of a non towered airport. - Checked on Airmap : No airspace class mentionned, so I assumed it was class G - Checked on Skyvector : class E I Called the airport manager, which filled a NOTAM for me, and I conducted my operation successfully while planes were taking of and landing… sometime over my flying zone. Next time I will use a 2 way radio in order to be able to monitor the air traffic. My issue is that both Airmap and Skyward are supposed to show class E airspace on the maps, but in reality they only show class B, C and D. From my understanding, non towered airports are in class E airspace (see below). So why Airmap and Skyward are not showing Okeechobee County Airport as a class E airport? Thanks for your help guys!!