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  1. Hi @Air One, I need details about you and your company. Private message me please on: rmattar@amerapex.com
  2. Hi @Steve Bennett, What do you do in there?, do you work for a company, develop drones, service using drones, pilot, self employed? we always look to service other regions. I mean, our head quarter is in Houston, Texas. But we work everywhere.
  3. My pleasure Alan, and by the way, the location is in Houston, Texas.
  4. I am looking to hire a small size established or startup company, or even an individual, who is/are willing to grow the industrial drone business and have interest within the Oil&Gas space. And through my company's investment; all will grow together. The drone personnel/division will be working with the NDT (Non Destructive Testing) division of the company. You can reach me at (rmattar@amerapex.com).