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  1. Question for all. So from what I'm hearing there will be more demand for mapping/surveying from insurance and construction companies. Is Drone Deploy going to be good enough for things like... -Roof top inspection/mapping (insurance) -Property mapping (insurance) and for most cases this will not be more than an acre or 2. -Daily/weekly surveying of construction site I understand other programs like Pix4D are better, but what do you guys think would be the best for these use cases?
  2. Nice! Around minute 0:32, where is that, its beautiful! Also FYI, I had issues using the video on your website...I could not go full screen or skip around in the video itself. Not sure if it is my computer or your website issues.
  3. From my own talks with people at KittyHawk and Skyward most said that 50 hours is a good place to start (non-job specific). @Av8Chuck So you are finding that companies care more about insurance than a large number of drone flight hours? As far as getting UAV jobs in oil and gas, construction, real estate, etc how would your rate the following in terms of importance: Flight experience, SMS, insurance, data processing, equipment
  4. From how I understand it this is just their first release, more will be coming soon.This will eventually be part of a Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system that when fully operational will automatically authorize drone flight
  5. @Uaviator53 Thanks for the reply! You are right these terms are completely subjective which is why I think it is valuable to ask as many people as I can. So far from talking with pilots and commercial UAV industry people it seems most people are setting on between 50-100 hours to be called "experienced". Also I've noticed that a lot of job posting for pilots of the big boys (Predator, etc) want at least 300-500 flight hours. Here is a question...do you think it would be a good idea for the FAA to make guidelines for the commercial drone industry on how many flight hours (or ran
  6. Hi all, just trying to pick your brains a little bit. What do you think is the average number of flight hours at which you would consider someone an experienced drone pilot? How many flight hours would make someone an expert? @Alan Perlman Since you deal with so many pilots, would love to get what you think too!
  7. @Steve Bennett Correct, the $150 will be paid out over 1st 15 payouts. Also, apart from listing your drone services our platform also handles drone rental! So if you are looking to test out a drone before you spend over $1000 on one, look for drone rentals in your area!
  8. @Jonathan E Spence Glad to hear you started your own drone aerial photography company. We would love to have you list your services on Up Sonder. We are an online marketplace for drone services and rental. We are working with drone pilots and drone owners around the country to help them make money using their drones. Right now if you sign up and list your aerial photography business with us we'll pay back the $150 cost of getting your Part 107 license! See our website for more details. Also are website is still in Beta, so if you have any feedback, the Up Sonder team would love to he