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  1. Need some advice on power! Need to solar charge my drone (P4) on my Iceland trip (and other devices). Thinking of buying the Sherpa 100 by GoalZero. I have a budget of $600. Any suggestions of anything better?
  2. @R Martin Any suggestions for what a "more professional set up" is. What you think about the Matrice 200? Is there something available for less?
  3. I will have to agree the level of conversation on UAV Coach is generally much higher. I have recommended to our pilots that they can come here to get answers. So a big thanks to everyone! I will have to agree the level of conversation on UAV Coach is generally much higher. I have recommended to our pilots that they can come here to get answers. So a big thanks to everyone!
  4. @Raincast That is really too bad Canada decided to pass those rules. From what you know, do you think they will pass new legislation that will not be so harsh? Also is there some kind of exemption for commercial use?
  5. @Raincast liked the videos! Great for see how those movements work in real life! Very helpful for new pilots. Not sure if you work commercially, but if you do, you should put together videos like this for industry specific things like -Top 15 drones cinematic moves to make your real estate video pop! -Top 10 drone flight techniques for construction sites. Stuff like that!
  6. Question for all. So from what I'm hearing there will be more demand for mapping/surveying from insurance and construction companies. Is Drone Deploy going to be good enough for things like... -Roof top inspection/mapping (insurance) -Property mapping (insurance) and for most cases this will not be more than an acre or 2. -Daily/weekly surveying of construction site I understand other programs like Pix4D are better, but what do you guys think would be the best for these use cases?
  7. @Av8Chuck your point "The FAA only has jurisdiction over navigable airspace so if I'm flying a drone in and around tall trees, structures or in a canyon where manned aircraft can't fly anyway then there's no need to develop regulations to keep them separate." is a a valid one. I know you also mentioned the airspace near airports, but the majority of drone flights are going to happen where there are people. And in congested airspaces like Los Angeles or New York, flying below 400 feet can still cause issues with helicopters and other public safety issues. There needs to be a way to identify drones...I'm not saying that the FAA current registration system is the correct way, but I am saying I think they were going in the right direction. I think most people here agree some kind of registration should take place, and if the current DC Circuit Court hearing is upheld then how should a better registration system be developed that includes even hobbyists? Below I will highlight some things I think (and some some things some of you said) are important as far as what registration should and shouldn't do. Not a complete list, just throwing ideas out there. SHOULD: -Find a new definition for drones that makes sense! -Required all drones above a certain weight to be registered in a FAA database that is NOT shared publicity, but is available to authorizes. -N Number should be visible on drone and should include something along the lines of DJI's electric identification framework (https://www.dji.com/newsroom/news/dji-proposes-electronic-identification-framework-for-small-drones) -Support the idea that drones pilots should fly responsibility and can be be identified if they don't. -Be implemented according to proper legal channels. SHOULD NOT: -Be a pay-to-play law. -Publicly disclose personal info about drone pilots -Legislate for areas where it is not needed. -Apply to flight below a certain number of feet (I'm going to say 200 feet). Or in rural areas or the airspace around an model aircraft port.
  8. Hey everyone, I just wonder what you guys think about Parrot refocusing their drone lines on the "Prosumer". https://www.recode.net/2017/5/8/15578124/french-drone-parrot-prosumer Like Yuneec, they are cutting their workforce and retooling. Do you think they have the ability to take on DJI and others in this space?
  9. @victorbravo77 This is just a draft being passed around DC right now. There are a lot of things you could interpret from it. But I would like to see if it actually amounts to anything. Also I wonder what the FAA would think about it?
  10. Just want to let you guys know about a blog series Up Sonder has on droneblog about the drone superhighway. Check it out and let me know what you think. Here is part one Here is part two
  11. It's like a super selfie drone! Does anyone know if it has obstacle avoidance sensors on it?
  12. @Av8Chuck Totally understand your point. I wonder if you think registration, if done through the proper channels (NPRM process), is a good idea? Also I wonder what everyone thinks about the fact that this case defines drones as "model aircraft" while before they will technically "aircraft"...will this open up a can of worms legally speaking? Drones really aren't model aircraft and they really aren't aircraft...maybe a better definition is needed?
  13. I do wonder if the FAA will try to fight back. I think their efforts to create a registration system were in the right direction. I also thought it was interesting that the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International was against the ruling while the Academy of Model Aeronautics was for it. Obviously this ruling doesn't apply to commercial uses of drones...but does it open the door for possible attack on this as well? Also, if the interpretation of the DC circuit court is followed then drones would now technically be "model aircraft" instead of "aircraft" which could open up numerous cans of worms!
  14. @Kirk Without looking into the airspace around the Coliseum further, I'm not sure. I think the parts where Part 107 rules were broken were flying over people at 3:27, 4:51, and 5:05
  15. @Av8Chuck Liked the video. I agree it looks like the conference really didn't know what to be. After watching the video I think it was the military stuff that stuck out the most. QUESTION: Is that a young Bill Nye the Science Guy at 2:14!!!
  16. All good things to take into account about pictures. Still there are operators out there that are doing commercial work without a Part 107 or breaking regulations like flying above 400 feet. This drone video shot this spring in Los Angeles is an amazing video but I'm pretty sure rules were broken to film it!
  17. I am relaying this question for a contact of mine. Hope some of you can help me to answer it. Currently I am utilizing a couple of 3DR Solo drones with the GoPro 4 camera and various lenses. I want to upgrade to a better camera and recently purchased a Sony QX1 which has been used by a number of drone companies. I am looking for the best solution to integrate this camera into the 3DR Solo. I purchased a Copterlab gimbal that is supposed to do just that. It is called the “2 Axis Agrowing's Multispectral modified Sony QX1 RX100 Alpha 5000 Alpha 6000 Gimbal for 3DR Solo”. The problem is that I am having difficulty with exactly how to connect it all together – wiring and all. Instructions were not very clear. Do you have any experience with this combination, or can you recommend a different gimbal to integrate the Solo with the Sony QX1?
  18. @Steve Bennett Do you often run into situations where clients are worried about local laws. Everyone else...your comments were great, got me thinking about a lot of things. Did everyone ever here follow up news if they guy was actually charged with anything. All the news I saw made it sound like they just detained him...threatened a charge of reckless endangerment and then let him go.
  19. Nice! Around minute 0:32, where is that, its beautiful! Also FYI, I had issues using the video on your website...I could not go full screen or skip around in the video itself. Not sure if it is my computer or your website issues.
  20. Just throwing this out there... for real estate companies, many of them have fixed budgets to spend on things like aerial videos. Some of these budgets are reasonable, some are not. I am sure you will run into this.
  21. Here is a news article about a guy that was detained for flying a drone near the NFL draft that happened in Philadelphia. He should have been more careful checking for temporary flight restrictions or nearby events, but it seems like the police really didn't know how to respond to him. According to the article he might be facing reckless endangerment charges, but it wasn't that clear. Regardless of the exact details of this case, it brings up a very real issue...how will local police deal with the massive amounts of drones both hobby and commercial that are taking to the skies. FAA rules are administrative, should they make their own drone laws? For me it seems reasonable what San Diego did. From how I understand it they basically took the FAA rules and adopted the into local law, that way they had a clear legal basis to fine drone pilots. I wonder what the UAV Coach community thinks?
  22. B-17 crewmen were brave souls! @BV Productions Congrats on becoming 107 certified. Please take some time to check out Up Sonder. We are a marketplace built for drone pilots. Our members can use our marketplace to find drone jobs and even rent your your own drone.
  23. @Mickey Pullen Thanks for answer my questions. It seems like the Mavic is the way to go, as far as traveling overseas with a drone.
  24. @Ed O'Grady Thanks for the link. Some really useful stuff in there. In particular, I'm very interested on the article starting on page 18 about integrating UAS into the National Airspace (NAS) I actually am releasing a four-part series that includes a part on this over at droneblog.com Part one is already up http://droneblog.com/2017/05/04/the-drone-superhighway-part-1-its-a-thing-a-real-thing/ And Part two, which talks about integration of UAS into the NAS in more detail is coming later this week!