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  1. Well done. First one looks it was taken in winter and then came summer in the second. No imagination in house design. How many houses built from one set of plans? We have the same problem here lack of imagination. Even if they painted the houses differently Back to the photos .. interest in seeing your next effort..
  2. I started with a SPARK and had hours of fun with it. Took some great photo and video. At the time I was not flushed with cash so I purchased what I thought was best and could afford..Was very happy with the Spark. Then about 6 months later DJI ruined it all by bringing out the Mavic Air. I gave into temptation and got myself one of those and was fortunately lucky to sell my Spark to a friend. Yes it is better flying and better pics etc. If you can afford it I would recommend starting with the AIR. Easier to transport around (folding arms) and higher quality video and pics. If you can not aff
  3. My Mavic Air has lipo batteries and I charge the batteries to full and they automatically discharge to a safe level (50%) after 10 days. If not used for a month I will recharge and let them flatten themse4lves.
  4. Did not get any lens. Sold the drone to one of my mates when I purchased a MAVIC AIR. Still interested with the SPARK via my mate.
  5. Good evening from THE WOMBLE who flies his DJI SPARK in WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND. My first drone was going to be a Mavic till I saw the prices. Along came the SPARK and I am now a proud owner and having a ball flying it. Pleased I didn't buy the Mavic.
  6. Hard to believe that no one has tried/used lens filters and can not give me some help which shape is best?
  7. Think of getting some lens filters. There are two models. One the glass filter is round and the other the glass filter lens is oval shaped. Has anyone experience using filters and can recommend 'round' or 'oval' shape.
  8. THANKS to Dave and Scott. Have loaded the computer with both programmes yesterday and downloaded the flights etc into them. A little trouble getting the correct info about the batteries. but will be looking again this weekend. Certainly a lot of info there, more than what I need. Probably better to have too much than not enough. Going to give both a good try out over the next few weeks. Once again thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks for the info. When you sync your files in the phone the GROWTH OF VALUE is updated and does it automatically sync your flights records to the DJI CLOUD.?
  10. thewomble


    Have a SPARK UAV and use DJI GO 4 to fly the drone. All the flights are recorded in my phone. How do I download to my computer the FLYING LOG for safe keeping. I can then clear the records from the phone freeing up space. THANKS
  11. The more 'good' things' UAV doing ie beach patrols, searching for people lost in the bush, bringing medical equipment to accidents etc that better it is for us UAV users.
  12. Purchased as my first drone. Lost it on the 3rd flight. Have purchased another but the weather has been terrible for flying over the last 3 months.