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  1. Ramond, I began just as you are now about three years ago with the expectation of enjoying aerial photography in retirement. The business has taken off...pun intended. A lot of marketing is necessary, social media sites, a good photo website and a good business plan. You can check out the basics of how I set the business up at: North Shore Drone Services I hope that helps. Kind rregards, Jay
  2. I confess I have be hired to perform monthly aerial photo shoots for progress on two separate construction projects...One by the construction company and the other by the Realtor. The question of whether or not the owner would object has never come up. I suppose it could, though I find it unlikely/ I think David's suggestion of talking to an owner first is a good one. ...Jay NorthShoreDroneService.com
  3. Hi Michael, Thanks for the kind words. When I am working for Realtors, I provide a minimum of 10 images from different angles and elevations. The post processing works generally takes about 20 minutes for 10 photos and I use the SNAPSEED app. The app is abosulutely the easiest and best post processing program I have found anywhere. The best. I have Adobe Photoshop, but a rarely use it anymore for photos. For video I use Final Cut Pro. Hope that helps, Fly safe, Jay
  4. I use PHOTODECK for storage and point of sale for my photos (mostly aerial). I have found the platform easy to use and effective. I use private galleries (hidden from public view) for all the jobs from contractors, Realtors, developers, etc. and Photodeck's easy payment systems deposit the proceeds directly to my bank (from credit cards) and then the images are sent to the client. So in this Covid-19 period of little or no personal contact, my business remains open and growing...because there is no personal contact and all images are delivered digitally. You can check out my site at: https://jayburnham.photodeck.com Hope this helps with your decision making. Kind regards, Jay Burnham NORTHSHOREDRONESERVICE.COM
  5. Also DITTO on reaching out personally and building your own base of customers. Besides, most of the "pilot networks" I have joined offer less than half what the jobs are worth. I haven't seen one for more than $100 in two years. ...Jay
  6. To give you an idea what I generally charge, click on the link below. Most of my business is with real estate agents. [click here] Regards, Jay North Shore Drone Services Hamilton, MA & North Conway, NH
  7. Please indicate actual location for consideration. Thanks, ...Jay NorthShoreDroneServices.com
  8. I have been able to "team up" with many local land-based real estate photographers that do the ground level and interior photos and video. I works out quite well because they have the proper equipment for that portion of the real estate marketing and rely upon me for all the aerial work. A win-win for each of us! Jay Burnham http://www.northshoredroneservices.com
  9. My name is Jay Burnham. I am a thirty five year veteran of the real estate industry. I originally bought my first drone (Mavic Pro) in order to take aerial photos of homes I listed for sale. Almost immediately I discovered that I would need to get my sUAS remote pilot license in order to use the photos commercially. I took a great online course and passed the exam at my local airport, two years ago. Over the next several months I developed a business plan to transition from real estate sales into aerial photography and video services. I established North Shore Drone Services and began offering services to other real estate agents. But then an unusual thing happened. The plan, which was expected to be fully implemented within two years so that I could retire from real estate and devote full time to my drone business, took off (pun intended) much faster than I anticipated. So now, two years and two drones into that new career, I am extremely excited about the opportunities associated with drone technology and the potential to continue the growth of my new business. Attending the AUVSI XPONENTIAL Trade Show would surely expand my growth and learning in our relatively new industry and so I would be pleased to attend should I be fortunate enough to be chosen to go. Thank you for your consideration. Kind regards, Jay Burnham North Shore Drone Services Hamilton, MA 01982