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  1. From everything that I have read to this point, they are not compatible to the I2. I have the I2 and would like to have both of these cameras. I just bought an Inspire 1 and the Z3 camera. I am waiting for a controller for the I1 to get this into the air.
  2. New to drones. Just had to quit working to address some medical issues I have let go too long. Have had an interest in drones for some time but being an over the road truck driver didn't leave much time to get into it. Seems I've done nothing but drones since Jan 9th. I took the ground school course and passed my 107 with 85% on the first try. That is a real testament to the program that I was able to do it on the first try. I am now the proud owner of a P3, P4P+, and an inspire 2. I am very interested in thermal imaging and plan to take it as far as I am able to. I also plan to keep studying everything I gained from the ground school course. It was nice that I learned enough to pass the 107, but like Alan has said I really want to know and understand it. Right now I am trying to get all the info I can on the Flir Boson 64. I would like to get one but I haven't found a place to buy yet. I'll be hanging around the inspection forum.