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  1. You may add a Company (representing your company) and two additional insureds for each Verifly policy. Adding additional insureds is instant and free. They will be added as named insureds on the policy itself rather than through endorsements which many clients prefer. Details here: https://support.verifly.com/kb/article/134-how-do-i-add-an-additional-insured Jay
  2. Yes. We will cover drones up to 30lbs over the next few months. We are still looking for a good quality payload solution. Jay
  3. We cover liability and invasion of privacy only because that's what clients need. We are evaluating how to offer "hull" insurance but as equipment is getting cheaper, and it's not regularly requested, it's not a short term priority. Jay
  4. Sorry we are not aware of any recreational-only policies for all of Europe. But if you do find something let us know. Longer term we are evaluating expansion of Verifly into Europe. Jay
  5. This version is now live on both app stores. Thanks again to our beta testers! More coming soon!
  6. My company, http://www.verifly.com offers instant, on-demand drone insurance for personal and commercial pilots. It offers third party liability and invasion of privacy cover regardless of whether you are flying for fun or for profit. No application process - just search "Verifly" in the App Store or Google Play. All policies are underwritten by Global Aerospace. Jay Bregman CEO