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  1. The wind is blowing right down runway 4 towards runway 22. The tetrahedron always point into the wind. The best runway would have been 22, but since its closed runway 18 is the next best choice with a quartering headwind and right cross wind. Runway 36 would give you a left quartering tail wind. So A is correct.
  2. Nice Jag commercial.. my wife loved her convertible F-Type, me not so much. It was always “get out honey, I need to take home the groceries..”
  3. @oidon where do you go to school? I think manufacturing an industrial drone in the USA is a great idea. You'll hear this a lot in business, "BUT" you really need to understand who is your target audience, who is your competition and how are you positioned relatively to both. This is critical to your success because it helps define the problem your product will solve. That's how you determine the value of your product. I get that's kind of the point of your questionnaire, "But" you ask a lot of questions whether your product is interesting to the people answering the questions bu
  4. OK, seriously I don't really have that many pet-peeves, but this is another one. In the article it mentions the equipment, various cameras and a setup Fox calls "Megalodon" which is nothing more than a Sony A7SIII on a Ronan. The one thing missing from the article is a description of the very thing the article is about (at least I didn't see it), FPV and Big Drones used.... Both of these drones are made in the US, I know very little about the FPV drones but the "Big Drone" is the Watts Innovation MD5000. Why no mention of the innovation taking place here in the US? DJI gets
  5. Not sure why I haven’t seen this until now. @Bill Nichols I hope that Bill is still apart of the forum. Great advise. Not all LiDAR is created equally. A Riegl LiDAR, kind of the standard for aerial LiDAR, costs $150K to $300K. Other less expensive LiDAR, $50K, is generally noisier and less resolute. It really depends on what your customer requirements are. I don’t know anything about the I1 camera and whether it would meet your customers requirements, I kind of doubt it. But having said that, if it does then you should charge, as @Bill Nichols recommends, a rate that is commensurate
  6. Hi @Susan_Brakels, here's a link to my website: https://aerialalchemy.com/ Also, the link to your website works.
  7. Curious what your trying to demonstrate with that image?
  8. It really depends on the requirement of your shoots. As far being able to purchase a drone and camera off the shelf it's pretty hard to beat the I2 w/X7. But if your looking to carry a Red Dragon, Arri or even a Panasonic GH5 or Sony A7R4 then you need a different make and model of drone. Plus like most professional things, they tend to be all about manual control so that you can control every aspect of a shot, if the I2 meets your needs then there's not much reason I can think of to go with something different, but if it doesn't you'll spend a lot of money and time trying to get a non DJI
  9. We don't do any cinema. I worked in the entertainment industry for about 20 years developing tech for digital film effects. We sold the Software we developed to Apple in 2002 and I called it a day. That guy is insane. Having said that, I really enjoy watching Danny MacAskill. It's so great to watch someone who's so talented but so gracious and so humble. While watching the first video I couldn't help thinking one mistake and his career, if not his life could be over in the blink of an eye. It was interesting hearing in the behind the scene video that his crew felt the same way an
  10. Are you hoping to fly commercially or as a hobbyists?
  11. It’s an overpriced piece of...? Not that I’m bitter and tired of competing with plastic toy drones.