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  1. Those shots are amazing. I really like how some very creative people incorporate technology into their art. Not just in using the technology to create the art but also integrating it into the art. This is very cool.
  2. Do you have a medium close up of the drone? Might be helpful to see what kind of drone it is. if this is something that concerns you it might be a good idea to alert local authorities. Chances are the operator lives near you or someone you might know. If it flies close enough take a small wet washcloth and use it to knock it out of the sky.
  3. Actually if your multirotor is setup correctly so that it hovers at 50% throttle then it doesn't take more to hover than it does for level flight. There is little to know aerodynamic benefit to a multirotor.
  4. Everything effects a drones flight time, so from that perspective some of what you say is true but there's a lot more to it than the battery. I don't know how much people are really interested in this. If people want to discuss this I'd be happy to share my experiences.
  5. Good luck. If you did well on the practice exams you should be fine. The few people I know that struggled a bit either had unrealistic expeditions of getting 100% or really over thought it. relax, have fun and you’ll do fine.
  6. Wow, didn’t intend for that to happen. I joke that because I’m Australian, English is my second language. Part of the point I was trying to make was not actually meant to be critical of their effort but to point out the harm that PR can have. I totally understand that when your a vendor supporting a customers R&D you can’t talk about the project publicly, but in those situations you probably shouldn’t talk about them at all. You have to be careful of stealing your customers thunder and not being able to include all the information you would like in the way you would like to pres
  7. One of the problems we have in this industry is the misinformation, or maybe a better word might be misdirection of articles like this. It reports this drone company can autonomously deliver AEDs to 80,000 people dispatched through a system integrated into Sweden’s emergency management system. This is good news but the article doesn’t report that it’s actually been used. I would imagine that if it had been used even once it would be big news. They have strategically placed them every 3.7 miles, Sweden’s a big place, that’s a lot of drones. And nowhere is it mentioned if it’s reac
  8. Hi Ken, I'm not familiar with that model of drone and all the manufacturers refer to this functionality differently. Although referring to the flight mode of a drone as "headless" seems to be pretty bad marketing... At any rate I imagine that this refers to what I believe DJI calls "Intelligent Orientation Control" or IOC. Its been a long time since I've flown anything with IOC but if I remember correctly there are two modes of IOC, Course Lock and Home Lock. In Course Lock the control inputs are relative to the direction of flight along a path. Forward direction has nothin
  9. I was going to call the drone police for not using the 180 rule, but I was derailed, you did. Nice video.
  10. How much a particular gimbal, camera and lens weights makes a big difference. For that sized payload you should consider 6S, 10-16K mah, 18" props 400KV motors to lift a 24 pound AUW hex for 10-15 minutes. Your going to want to familiarize yourself with: https://www.ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc.php
  11. Wow, not sure what to think? I feel your pain though. Most people in the commercial drone market are not civil engineers. Generally they're RC enthusiasts who have a passion for flying drones that are trying to figure out how to make money with their avocation. To get into the real money they basically have to become what I call "Civil Engineers" and "Surveyor" lite. They have to learn a lot about GIS accuracy and how GPS, RTK and INS systems work together to create accurate maps, and a lot about the infrastructure the drones are inspecting. So already being a "Civil Engineer,
  12. What legal documents are you expecting? How much are you willing to pay?
  13. For those who want to move on and salvage what you can I have a few suggestions. Take an inventory of: Everyone who paid and what did you get, drone, website, training etc.. Anyone who paid and got nothing? Has anyone received a partial or full refund? Does anyone know how many "licensee's" there are? Is there a list? All of those who became part of DronesForce should exchange contact information. As @Patricio has started to do, everyone should exchange or post your URL [if you received one] and what was your "territory". In
  14. Depends, where are you? Where is the company that shot the footage located? And where was the footage shot/who’s airspace? In the US there are no restrictions on the company purchasing the footage. The regulations apply to the 107Pilot. If the footage has any Intrinsic value, even if there was no money exchanged, the FAA considers that to be commercial so the drone operator would need a Part107 certificate. The issue for the marine researcher is did the drone violate their permit and does the footage show the drone within 100 feet of the whale (or whatever animal) they were