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  1. Another thing that I’ve enjoyed about sharing work in this thread is to see how everyone has progressed. When I started that thread @JBR LIFE Photography Was kind enough to compliment some of my work, I occasionally get the opportunity to shoot for friends, (I don’t produce real estate media for a living) which is a very different thing than those that do this under the constraints of making a living. When we all get to witness the improvement of @JBR LIFE Photography, who is doing this for a living in a competitive market we can all take a little pride in his work (because I tought him everything he knows...) it really is community we can all share in. There have been a lot of great contributions to the property videos thread.
  2. Everyone has to start somewhere, my point is for those willing to share their business experiences, not just the technical ones, there’s an opportunity for others to learn what works and what doesn’t so maybe they won’t make the same mistakes. What did you do before retiring?
  3. Hi @MaryKay, welcome to the forum. You might want to check out this thread and share your work here: This has been a good thread for showing your work and gathering suggestions on how to improve. Discussing various techniques and equipment is the easy part of any profession. It’s good to have a resource/place to discuss those issues but it’s also important that the discussion include how to manage a business profitably. Do you think if you weren’t retired and had to support yourself, you could make a career out of this? You do nice work.
  4. If you have other drones that work it appears these drones are pretty worthless and probably not worth the effort and expense of repairing.
  5. The article doesn’t provide much information. It’s unfortunate this happened, hopefully the kid won’t be prosecuted or in any real trouble.
  6. That looked great and certainly added to the production value. You shouldn’t have to log into DJI at all to get permission to fly your drone... Bit it is what it is.
  7. Whoever did this is an idiot, would have been nice if they would have been caught and reprimanded appropriately. Unfortunately this is now in the news so every pundit is sharing their uninformed and biased opinions of the danger this represented and how the operator faces $250K in fines and up to 3 years in prison. All of which is greatly exaggerated. Hopefully this will just blow over, nothing happeneds and the idiot who did this considers themselves lucky and never does it again. I make no secret of my dislike of DJI and this is another example of why! Why does DJI think they have the responsibility and the right to investigate this event? Why did they make any public announcement regarding the actions of one of its customers that they were investigating and would cooperate with authorities? I hope that everyone who thinks they own a DJI, a drone that the manufacturer decides where and when you can fly, knows where you fly and when, openly shares and uses that information in any way that “they” decide is relevant to hunt you down like the idiot that you are. Now that’s great customer service all positioned to “make you safer!” Edit: sorry sounds like I’m calling people who own DJI’s idiots, not my intention poorly worded, what I meant was in reference to what I think are DJI’s idiotic business practices. If people are idiots for owning DJI I’d be one of the biggest, we own just about every model of DJI drone on the market.
  8. That sucks that you went through that. I have had a similar experience but people should keep in mind a couple of things. Your innocent until proven guilty. They could not prosecute you on on the evidence of the YouTube video, but they could on the fact that you incriminated yourself by answering the questions on the phone.
  9. I concur, very well done and I too like the slow steady camera moves. The challenge with slow camera movement is it can significantly slow down the pace of the video and make it feel longer than it is. The cure for this is to not use so much of the shot. You had a few reveals where it took a while to move through the doorway or hall, unless there’s something compelling I don’t need to look at the door or hallway very long. Cut out most of the move and get to the payoff faster. You get the benifit of the move without slowing down the pacing. Also, natural light really saves on time but it’s also very flat. Unless you have a property or realtor willing to pay for the extra time it takes to light, you can use something like DaVinci Resolve to pump up the volume and brighten up the scenes. It will make your shoots appear more three dimentiomal. These are just suggestions on areas you might want to improve in. Quality wise your videos are starting to look really good. Curious what camera are you using? Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.
  10. One of the things that I try to encourage people to discuss on this forum is the business they want to use drones commercially for. I know quite a few people who are very successful at photographing real estate, some of them are in this forum (you know who you are..). But the overwhelming majority of real estate photographers I know have failed. There are good reasons for both and in both cases it wasn’t about the camera or drone they used. Debating the virtues of the technology is easy but the technology is. It the thing that makes a business succesful. @alejanjr this isn’t directed at you personally, more of that encouragement I was talking about.
  11. How many people here agree that the The Phanton, and the Mavic are professional drones? How many people here use, flown or even seen a Wind? The I2 is a good drone for some broadcast applications but I’d be interesting in hearing if people are using them for any other applications and how much money they’re making.
  12. If all you hope to accomplish is: Just use DroneDeploy. But as you correctly pointed out that will probably yield a model that is just "pretty" and not accurate and once you've completed that project you'll likely see the intrinsic value and start down the never ending path with DJI of trying to get the level of quality models you can actually use. Common sense should tell you that you will never get there with a Mavic2Pro or any other DJI product. But its an inexpensive education and for that reason alone not a bad place to start.
  13. If you haven't already you might want to check out: https://community.uavcoach.com/forum/18-property-real-estate-marketing/ Welcome to the forum.
  14. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Another great video. You should have cornered the Hawaiian market by now.