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  1. What ever the issue on the mobile site was it seems to be resolved now. Everything is working much better. EXCEPT... In the upper right where the Icon is for showing unread threads there used to be another Icon to clear all unread threads to "mark the site read." It's disappeared. Has it been moved or is it missing in action?
  2. It's amazing how far you have to read the AUVSI website to find out that it's virtual. It's hard to imagine this being much of an event at all. I was hoping that somehow this insanity would have stopped and I could actually attend the show. For those of you missing attending trade shows here's two videos, one from AUVSI and the other from The Commercial UAV: Can you name which exhibitors are no longer in business. I would have asked the question differently, like which ones are new but they wouldn't be in the video. I can't find 2018 AUVSI which was in Denve
  3. Yeah, Trent appears to be a great guy. His videos about bush flying are usually really good.
  4. The site has changed on my iPhone making it very difficult to navigate to the different forums, see all of the unread threads etc.. Is it my iPhone or has something been changed with the site?
  5. Av8Chuck


    I’ve mentioned the troubles at DJI for the past year. It’s way more serious and it’s only recently that DJI has begun to talk about. https://mobile-reuters-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN25D0HF
  6. Depends on how you define mini. I’m guessing this is bigger than you’d like, but check out the SKYDIO2.
  7. Google Ardupilot or PX4. It is open source FC software. Why not just buy a flight controller? Are you planning to sell this as a product, supply it as a service, or just use it for yourself? What kind of weather sensors are you planning to use and how heavy are they? How high does the drone have to go to get useful information? Depending on weight and height using a tether to power your drone is difficult.
  8. How long does it hover in place? Approximately how high does it hover? What makes you think it’s looking at you? Whether it’s illegal or not depends on the airspace it’s flying in. Unfortunately it’s no more illegal than someone standing on the sidewalk looking at your house. if you have one of those really bright LED flashlights/sun-guns, point it at the drone and focus on the camera. Maybe it will be bright enough to screw up the exposure and it won’t be able to focus on anything specific.
  9. Hi @Stacy, it’s usually the best if the person who shot the interior edits the photos. Not necessary to do it that way but if the person who edits the shots is the same that took them they learn to be much more efficient in how they take the pictures. The amount of time spent taking the picture can greatly reduce the amount of time in post processing the picture. Good photographers know the shots to get and will strobe the room so the lighting is right or they will bracket three shots with 4-stops of dynamic range and the use Infuse to automate the HDR. Architectural photog
  10. Welcome to the forum. The COVID pandemic has made starting any business “hazy.” So your definitely not alone. You might consider providing more information about what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t, where are you located and what are you hoping to accomplish? It’s kind of difficult to offer support without any meaningful information. One of the options you have is to not do it alone.
  11. Hi Tim, nice job on the virtual tour. unfortunately my first thought was who watches a 30 minute YouTube video? What no music!? Once I let go, relaxed, your photography and explanations captured my attention and I enjoyed the entire half hour. You have some very good Aerial photos. Have you thought about flying a much better camera and lens? More resolution and better lenses would capture so much more detail. I realize that some will argue it’s not about the camera, it’s “the story” that matters most. With respect, everything matters. It’s the colors we choose, the crop,
  12. They have some pretty strange laws, But it’s legal to fly there so I don’t see why It would be illegal to build your own?
  13. There are tons of variables that could account for what you saw. Over time a Mylar balloon will hold altitude in your living room, so if people are telling you that 15000 feet is low and they wouldn’t stay at that altitude, probably don’t know what their talking about. Unless you had pictures of the objects, something more than a vague description, you will probably never know what it was. And since you don’t know what they were, why don’t you call it what it was instead of jumping to the conclusion that it was a drone, an unidentified flying object. what kind of plane w
  14. In the US the FAA considers any use of images for financial gain commercial. It doesn’t matter if you were paid or not. doesn’t mean it’s the same in Canada. Having said that I wouldn’t worry about it. Generally speaking, they’re not after the occasional Aerial picture of a house.