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  1. Where are you located? It sounds like your interested in becoming a reseller and possibly a system integrator for UAVs. Unfortunately that sort of channel doesn't really exist in the commercial UAV industry. ALL of the consumer brands have decimated any semblance of a channel so support is really the gating factor to their growth and they aren't willing to provide enough margin to support a channel. This is partly a generational thing, millennial companies like DJI think they can provide all the necessary support via the internet and use PC's as examples of how its supposed to work. I guess they haven't noticed that neither Apple or IBM are computer manufacturers anymore, their consumer electronics companies. As an integrator you need a platform that can be reconfigured to be a purpose built solution for specific payloads and applications. To accomplish that they need to be open and extensible. Anyone who figured this out have changed business models to supply the services rather than products. That's why possibly your best hope is actually the DIY market. Anyway, good luck and let us know what you find.
  2. Av8Chuck

    DJI Agras M-1S controller firmware

    Hi @Chase Atwood, i have some unpopular insights... Unfortunately DJI is a vertically integrated closed system which means if DJI didn't manufacture it, its not going to play well with the drone, and DJI manufactured accessories don't work well on non-DJI drones. This is a consumer mentality that does not translate well to professionals who have to depend on their equipment working when they need it. I have never flown the AGRAS, but if the DJI GoApp or LightBridge2 is part of the software that makes this system fly then your likely going to have all the same difficulties as everyone else. This is such a niche product that its doubtful that third party vendors like Litche would support it. Its not even clear if there's a DTK for the Radar etc.. Sorry I can't be helpful other than to say that the GoApp and LightBridge2 upgrades are a pain on all platforms so I suspect that if you applied some of the same techniques for upgrading hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised . @Mad_Angler1 helps a lot of DJI folks and maybe he'll offer his support.
  3. Av8Chuck

    Finally pursuing an interest

    Welcome to the forum @Eagle Tom. You don't need to get your Part 107 to learn how to fly a drone safely. There is no skills component in the 107 so many think once they have that their good to go. Learning primary flight control is the right way to go, its easy - just takes practice, and once you get the hang of flying in all orientations then your much better prepared to be a professional if thats what you choose. What kind of drone did you get?
  4. Av8Chuck


    Welcome to the forum @David Wills. In your considerable experience with evidence collection what kind of camera did you use?
  5. I guess my thoughts would be do you really trust a company that offers a “Crash” Part 107 coarse!? Just a thought..
  6. Av8Chuck

    Choice of drones for precision agriculture.

    Kind of depends on what data your collecting and what your collecting it with. A quadcopter can probably fly that much area but how long it will take will be determined by the FOV of the lens, the altitude and the overlap required. Most likely a quadcopter is not the most efficient or best UAV for that sort of job.
  7. Av8Chuck

    MAPIR Camera GPS Trigger

    Sounds like this is a self contained unit independent of the flight controller. What kind of flight controller are you using? Is there a way to trigger the camera from the flight controller?
  8. Av8Chuck

    Drone Directories - which ones matter?

    @Philip Moore, sure I’d be happy to review your qualifications.
  9. It’s something we would like to try. Any chance of beta testing?
  10. Av8Chuck

    Stalling Drone

    Depends on what you mean by stall? Generally aerodynamically multi rotors don’t stall. If it just fell from the sky there was probably some sort of power failure. Again, I’m assuming your talking about a multirotor and although turbulence can effect performance depending on the size and wind speed it usually doesn’t have much of an adverse effect.
  11. Av8Chuck

    Noo-B from Central VA, USA

    Welcome to the forum. There are threads on the forum for aerial photography and cinematography, it would be great if you could share some of your work there. It doesn’t all have to be aerial, maybe it’s art inspired by aerial or whatever you like. Its always nice to see the work of talented people.
  12. Av8Chuck

    Drone Directories - which ones matter?

    That’s one of the qualms I have and was the true intention of my earlier post. People often say how fast technology is changing as though that’s a good thing, yet recently my cell service sucks, email sucks, the internet is not secure, Alexa can spy on you and your drone can phone home. WTF!? I keep trying to convince myself that it’s not me getting old and telling all the millennials to get off my front yard. But a lot more people are begining to share my point of view. It used to be that good engineering meant you designed something that worked everytime you used it, now people seem to care more about the bells and whistles and less about the quality and reliability.
  13. Av8Chuck

    Drone Directories - which ones matter?

    You make my point for me. You had a commercial photography business and you added aerial, that’s what makes you a professional, not the fact that you purchased a toy and paid $150 for a certificate. What do you expect? How is this different from people who shoot property video with a cell phone. It’s not the technology but the understanding of what it means to be a professional in your chosen industry. What makes an idiot is someone who thinks that all there is to being a professional is buying something, getting a certificate and Using a website to find work for you. I’m not calling anyone an idiot, I just think it’s idiotic to think this is a recipe for success.
  14. Av8Chuck

    Drone Directories - which ones matter?

    The incredible speed at which the “drone” market has grown was a result of the confluence of technologies, one of which was the internet and the use of forums that enabled a “maker community” to thrive. The downfall of the “commercial UAV” industry will be peoples over reliance on the internet. Once the “drone” became a consumer commodity and any idiot with about $1500 could go online or to BestBuy purchase a ready to fly drone and call themselves a “professional” the internet went from being an enabling technology that was part of the solution to one that is now the problem. There’s no filter, no way to predict the outcome based on the inflows. We placed adds in a couple of forums regarding work, OMG, the response was a bit overwhelming. Certainly met some nice people but the percentage of qualified applicants was incredibly low.
  15. Av8Chuck

    Real Estate photography

    All MLS's are different and I can't recall what the format is, but you can check here: https://photographyforrealestate.net/ Photoshop Lightroom CC. It varies by region Not that I'm aware of but I don't do real estate for a living.