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    Hi Stephanie, where are you located? How far along are you with your PPL? UAV's, especially multirotors are not terribly complicated to fly. Depending on where and how much the intro course is I'd recommend forgoing that in favor of investing the money in purchasing your first drone. Obviously the first drone you purchase is not going to meet your requirements. However, it will bring you into the whole drone eco system providing you the opportunity to engage with other like minded people that should help lead you to the right drone for what you want to do. There are a lot of good used drones and some inexpensive drones available. Expense is relative. If you ask people what they recommend you'll start a religious debate about everyone's favorite drone. What always confuses me is that the same people who advocate for one manufacturer in one forum will be on a different forum complaining about how unreliable, how often you have to upgrade the firmware, and bad support is on the very same drone they recommended. Its really odd. Misery loves company I guess.
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    New but old Drone Pilot

    Welcome to the forum. Where are you located?
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    Green and Blue = Bliss

    Looks very cool.
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    One thing that I would suggest, of course I'm the only person on the planet who thinks this, pilots operate an aircraft from within the aircraft and are Part 61. Unmanned part 107 are operators, not pilots. If you take a part 61 certified pilot and hand them a UAV there's a good chance they could fly it. If you put a part 107 operator in a plane and told them to fly it, there's a good chance they will die. Kind of a stark difference. Ones not better than the other but they are profoundly different. I can't speak for Stephanie, but I think what these activities have in common is a passion for aviation. I couldn't care less what I fly as long as I can fly. Even if I'm not piloting the UAV its still a thrill to capture the aerial perspective.
  5. Its hard not to rant abut this sort if thing because quite frankly, it sucks. Truth has nothing to do with what's happening to the hobbyists and the commercial sUAV market. On a side note before I start my rant, the lack of understanding at the AMA that the fate of these two constituents are inextricably linked is mind numbing. It doesn't matter about the things that @Spitfire76 pointed out, the safety record, history or that the AMA is a CBO. It also doesn't matter than there have been no deaths attributed to commercial UAV use, there has been only one confirmed midair collision with minor damage, or that when you consider the "estimated" number of commercial drones flying that this is probably one of the safest professions. The truth is always the first casualty in politics. What this is, wait, let me adjust my tin hat, is the end of hobbyists RC and sUAS commercial operations. And the thing that people just refuse to believe is how complicit the AMA, DJI, AirMap, and many others are in the demise of this market segment. In their feeble attempts to protect their members "rights" the AMA shot us all in the left foot. The anemic response by commercial operators shot all of us in the right foot and the along with the manufacturers trying to regulated out the competition the FAA is about to shoot us in the head. This has all been self inflicted.
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    Civil Drones In the Military

    Since I have my own thread going here: Just another day in the office...
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    My first drone video

    It takes practice.
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    My first drone video

    Why not? Didn’t you enjoy the process of producing it?
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    My first drone video

    Welcome to the forum. Nice video, keep’m coming!
  10. Again it depends on the problem the utility your working with is trying to solve. We do surveys to produce engineering grade Digital Twins/Reality Models that can be used for a lot of different applications. They can be used for inspections but generally that’s not the purpose for doing it. For a 20 acre substation we shoot 3-4000 images yielding about 2TB’s of data which produces a model of about 16GB’s. That’s what it takes to get mm level accuracy. Thermal could be useful but not a Toa640 type sensor. Any Flir that people fly with a DJI is 620x512, too low resolution to be effective. If you used SWIR you might be able to create some kind of useful application but it’s going to weigh about seven or more pounds and cost north of $60K. Utilities do some really serious engineering
  11. I sent the link to my wife...🤞
  12. Depending on the utility and the voltage, above a certain voltage its considered "critical Infrastructure" and fall under federal guidelines, they often require a QEW (Qualified Electrical Worker) to supervise your work. They have a chart for the minimum distances required and their there to make sure you comply. There is no common voltage or typical mission. We work with 34KV to 500KV. Its all different, it depends on the utility, the manufacturer of the equipment used in the circuit and what their SOP is. You'll need to be at least NERC and ISN certified, again that depends on the utility your working for. If what your inspecting is on federal property or considered critical infrastructure you wont be allowed to use Chinese manufactured drones. Also, we use 48 to 150MP camera's which provides us a significant standoff so that we can operate safely while getting the required quality of data.
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    Civil Drones In the Military

    In an ongoing conversation with myself I guess this means we’re official... http://uasmagazine.com/articles/1926/aerial-alchemy-will-use-drones-to-inspect-u-s-navy-test-ship
  14. How close you can get depends on the voltage of the line.
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    Vacation Videos

    Cool video. Great song. Some great Aerial.
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    Hello from Lancashire

    Absolutely agree. However, being the pessimist that I am, the challenge is overcoming the prejudices against the handicapped in general. I agree that this application could have a lot of benifit to the disabled, but to add the additional benifit of a career then it would have to be cost effective for the employer as well. In California they have regulations, the American Disabilities Act intended to help the disabled but the unintended consequence is that it makes it nearly impossible for small companies to hire dissaed people.
  17. Not sure if this is relevant but there have been a lot of complaint regarding the innacurracy of AirMap as it relates to DJI GEOFencing. Do you get the same results with LAANC in AirMap as you do in Skyward?
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    Hey there, Live from PDX

    Hi Anna, welcome to the forum. I like the name of your company. I’m sure there’s a story there... What do you hope to accomplish with UAVs?
  19. Wow, such a great diversity of shot makes this property look really appealing. At $1.18M I’d like to buy this.
  20. I feel ya.. Im guessing your video is already so much better than your competitors that winning business is probably getting easier and that’s the most important measure of success.
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    Hello from Lancashire

    I’m sorry I didn’t find this thread sooner. There are so many people enamored with drones and the myriad of things that can be done with them. But 90 percent of it has little to no social redeeming value. But what your discussing in this thread could have such a profound effect on people’s lives but it’s going to take some serious thought and discussion on what that might be. I’d love to be part of this discussion and I think we should figure out a way to promote this thread. Alan could you guys write an article or somehow promote this in your weekly blog? i have never given any thought to this sort of application, and honestly if there are younger people who want to start a UAV related business I think this is an area worth serious consideration.
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    Post Production included in Hourly Rates?

    Sorry, I replied to this thread before reading your other thread that explained what you want to do. again, the UAV simply adds another perspective that might help communicate something about a property that you feel will interest potential buyers. If your a realtor then you know the challenges associated with getting realtors to pay a fair price for anything. Some realtors in your office or area might welcome another realtor producing content for them to market their listings. However, many are often skeptical because with every listing you promote that’s more experience you have to compete with them to get listing in the first place. It also depend on the market your in. There are a lot of realtors who believe taking property photos with a cell phone is good enough. Adding a drone to that mix is kind of pointless. But if your already shooting the stills and video then adding a drone to the mix isn’t that difficult. As far as keeping it real, that’s often the difference between making money and losing it. Depending how long you’ve been a realtor and producing your own media you might remember when the Canon 5DII came out, just because it could shoot HD a lot of stills photographers thought they could offer video as an adjunct to their stills. Most of them went out of business, just because the 5DII could do both it was two different businesses and their lack of experience in delivering video proved to be cost prohibitive.
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    Greetings from South Texas

    Welcome to the forum. I think that what’s beginning to differentiate this forum from many of the other UAV related forums is it’s general focus on the commercial application of UAVs. Most other UAV forums focus on the DIY aspect of UAVs, where UAV Coach is more about the application of the UAV. Like any forum, you get out of it what you put into it. Also like any other forum there will be people whose style or approach to problem solving appeals to you and others that don’t. The key to a getting sound advice is in how you express your questions. Theres good information spread across a lot of different categories. Sometime it can be a little difficult finding the right thread but this site has a pretty good search function. Since your interested in real estate there’s a lot of discussion in that thread. It’s one of the more active discussions: To directly, or indirectly answer your questions, starting a business that uses UAVs as part of its value proposition is no different than starting any other business. No different than starting a trucking business for example. I realize people don’t agree, but there is no UAV industry, there are industries that use UAV’s to solve problems in the industry their already doing business. If you want to become successful in the real estate market then you need to be in that business, leveraging relationships, the same contracts, etc that help you integrate the use of UAVs in that business, not the other way around. If all you want to do is be paid to produce property videos then your a production company and need to know all the contracts that relate to commercial photography, video production, talent and property releases etc.. Aside from your 107 certificate there’s nothing that different because your using a UAV. I’m sure others will chime in on your questions.
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    Hi @Stephanie Preston and welcome. In what area are you in, or are you referring to the area of pilot vs UAV operator?
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    Post Production included in Hourly Rates?

    @Marcos Duran from your line of questioning it appears that you have never done video production. There are a lot of online tutorial sites that can help you learn how to produce, shoot, post produce, deliver and how to run a business. I’d recommend that you check out Lynda.com. Theres an aerial video coarse here at UAV Coach but I think you’ll get more out of it if you have experience with basic video production. Everyone has to start somewhere, however, while it might be tempting to have a customer pay for your education by hiring you, in general that’s a bad idea. Also, depending where you live, it’s important that your business is compliant with local laws, not drone related rules but insurance, general liability, workers comp, OSHA, etc.. Too many people think if they have a drone with a camera your in business, then if there’s an accident you can just apologize and walk away, “no harm, no foul” kind of thing. Again depending on where your operating, you can be held responsible and even in what appears to be a minor incident, if your business is not compliant you can lose everything you own. So you might want to give some serious thought to how much you think that 10 minutes of video really costs. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from starting a UAV related business, they aren’t any harder to start than any other business. But I am trying to get anyone in a similar situation to really stop and give some serious thought to what the true risks are in starting any business. If you at least understand them you can make informed decisions on how much risk you want to take.