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  1. California has state license requirements? Oh crap!? Doh!
  2. Av8Chuck

    InterDrone Keynote Speakers Include Over One Dozen UAV Visionaries

    I'm not really that interested in what the exhibitors had to say as I am in what the attendees say about the event. Exhibitors like AirWare make all kinds of claims at trade shows, the overwhelming majority of them are just wrong A great example of that is the way Yuneec and 3DR have spun their announcement. Yuneec is just as much a Chinese manufactured UAV and is just as banned from federal infrastructure and military as DJI. The fact they they are a founding member of DroneCode, which most people have no idea what it is, is irrelevant and the partnership between Yuneec and 3DR is as meaningless as the partnership between 3DR and DJI. Aside from the hype this trade show doesn't appear to have any legs, I've been unable to find any meaningful discussion between attendees anywhere. Thats the reason for my question.
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    Part 107 Recurrent Test - PASSED

    I’m so ready...
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    Part 107 Recurrent Test - PASSED

    REALLY!! You couldn't have received say a 99 so I had a chance to beat you at something!? I'm really trying to like you but this kind of thing makes it difficult! I think I hate you again, I hate all of you guys... Congratulations everyone. "I think, therefore I am." "I am micromanaged, therefore I am not!"
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    Flying field Truro, MA

    I don’t know if we have a thread for this specific sort of thing but I think the idea of sharing information and showing different places to fly is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Here’s a video of where we used to fly:
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    Big Island Pano

    With all that you contribute here you have a sense of humor too!? I hate you.. i know that’s probably a saying somewhere but your unicorn reference was laugh out loud funny. But as a moderator I have to add a point to your permanent record for using the word “fart.” Flatulence... J/K
  7. @Spitfire76 you make some good points but the margins for small photography and video production companies is generally pretty thin. It’s not about the cost of the drone or the 107, it’s an issue of focus. When the Canon 5dII started the HD DSLR movement a lot, and I mean a lot of photographers who were already using them started producing videos, and visa versa and quickly went out of business. Although the technology was the same and the infrastructure was similar, they are very different businesses. I agree that Aerial should be a good fit for an established photographer, but keep in mind that photography is very competitive and they can either create a look that differentiates them and they can charge more for their product, they can make slimmer margins on volume, or they can cut their expenses commensurate with revenue. I know a lot of people won’t agree with this but you have to really think about why such a high percentage of 107’s Can’t make a good living? Using a MAVIC or a Phantom, for example is antithetical to the success in every business model I used as an example. Your not going to be able to differentiate your work from the thousands of other people using them, they add enough complexity that they don’t fit the model for efficiency, and for the individual it adds unnecessary expense they are probably averse too. None of what I’m saying actually has anything to do with who manufactures the drone, it’s just the reality of all this. The people who are employing people, putting their kids in school and making a living using drones quickly pivoted away from the drone. I have a lot of friends who make a great living using a hammer, but they don’t make much because of the hammer. You can take a tool, a truck, a camera and build a business around it. But it is not the business.
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    Drone startup Airware crashes, will shut down after burning $118M

    Of coarse in this article AirWare blames their failure on their inability to compete with DJI and how the current drone hardware wasn’t sophisticated enough to produce the granularity of data needed. And: “History has taught us how hard it can be to call the timing of a market transition. We have seen this play out first hand in the commercial drone marketplace.” They are right there is a market transition happening but it has nothing to do with drones. They failed because they were led by a millennial that no idea the history of this sort of transformation. They failed because they were idiots, it had nothing to do with DJI. We competed head-to-head on a couple of large projects and they had no idea what they were doing and how two guys in a garage could compete, let alone win that size of contract. I feel for those that lost their jobs but if people read this article and thread and think this is bad for the commercial drone industry, its not. Its good that these overhyped companies along with ignorant investors are getting weeded out. If AirWare actually solved a problem for customers and they understand what transformation was actually taking place, this wouldn't have happened. Its a great day to be in the commercial drone industry!
  9. Hi @STEVETKACZ , are the Naval Sea Cadets part of the Navy or a federal government organization? If so, and I don’t want to rain on your parade, but currently all COTS dronet are banned by the DoD. Something you should keep in mind. In what environment do you plan on flying the drones, inside, outside, in the wind or cold etc.? What do you hope the cadets will learn? It takes five minutes for most people to pick up the drone and figure out how to fly it. Trouble for youngsters is they get board with it pretty quickly and start flying beyond their experience level and it often ends badly especially with smaller drones. In one way I wish they had Phantoms when I started. Easy to fly, big enough to get the operators attention and fly in the weather. Even if your not directly effected by the DoD ban, most people fall in love with the first drone they fly and they make that the standard and compare all other UAV’s to that. So if the cadets are hoping to explore drones and how they’re being used in the military or in industry then it’s looking more likely that it won’t be a drone manufactured in China. Also, if your goal is to teach them to be proficient operators I’d argue that teaching them with drones that use smart devices to fly FPV isn’t really teaching them the safe way to operate UAV’s, it just pushing a drone around in the sky. To be safe operators they need to learn how to determine and fly the multi rotor in any orientation. That’s not say that people who fly drones can’t be competent and safe operators but young people tend to want to fly FPV because it’s more fun and never really acquire the skill to fly if they lose that functionality. Sorry for “droning” on but introducing that age group to UAV’s is an important first step and there’s a lot more to determining the right system to start with than most people think. I hope this helps. Have a great time with this.
  10. Hi Marc, it’s not really a competition, I appreciate your reply. How long did it take you to shoot?
  11. Av8Chuck

    Optimus Prime: T-Rex edition

    Did they like it?
  12. Av8Chuck

    Clearing storm over Scatter Creek

    Its kind of a bummer that talented people pop in, share something cool only to never reply or post more stuff. Dude, you have a SouthPark character as an avatar, you must have a good sense of humor. Hang out share it with us!
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    Big Island Pano

    You know, I think I've mentioned this before, but I hate people who do really nice work, live in paradise and then rub my face in it. I'm petty that way. You know I'm kidding, maybe not about the being petty part. Did you know my wife has an art gallery? Just in case you were thinking you wanted to print up some of those great photos and hang them in a gallery. Not that you don't live in an area with the highest per capita of galleries...
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    Civil Drones In the Military

    Thanks Luke. It was actually done months ago, this was just the press release about the signing ceremony. Its funny though how many people have contacted us because I guess this makes it official...
  15. Hi @MarcJr Nice job, Is this what you do for a career, part time or a hobby? The intent of this thread was for people to post and others to critique with the hope of getting better. One thing your video kind of points out is the quality of the tools you use matters. You use some good techniques like using a wall or foreground object to reveal a point of interest, camera motion, aerial and using people. But whatever camera your using does not help communicate your creativity effectively. If your going to shoot in high contrast, from inside to outside, then you need to light the foreground to be within a stop of the background which in video can be very challenging, otherwise your point of interest is dark and backlit or the outside is blown out. in rooms where you don't have a lot of motion you can also shoot bracketed stills on a tripod and then fuse the exposure so both the interior and exterior are correctly exposed then add motion in post. A lot of people are against that but the goal of the video is to capture the essence of the property so your much better off using the occasional still then using a poorly exposed video. Another technique is for all the scenes where there's action in a high contrast room or scene wait until "happy hour" and the exposure between outside and inside are within a stop of each other. This will give you about an hour and a half so you have to shoot quickly. Its a great use of camera movement, however, I'd suggest on many of the shots slow down. The key to good camera movement is staying on a point of interest while the scene around it moves. When you go to fast you can see the bounce or "walk" in your motion. It's also helpful for all video to tell a story, even if its not a narrative. All stories have to have a beginning, a middle, and an end so you need to walk your audience through the property in a way that they can tell where they are on the property. Let the people lead the viewer from one room or scene to another, Take more shots from different angles and FOV's and cut around the room, this will help quicken the pace of the video and show more detail. I know this is hard and very subjective, I love your use of people and there's always this debate with realtors to take the shots with the people in them out, they just want some ridiculously wide shot. But, sorry for the realtors who might read this but they have no idea what the hell their talking about. People don't buy houses, they buy homes and they want to get a sense what life might be like living there. Adding people helps home buyers imagine what that's like. Most of the realtors who don't understand that generally don't want to pay for quality anyway so move on and find the realtors who get it. This was one of my first property videos where I used people to give the audience a sense of what it was like to live the equestrian lifestyle. Plus I got to work with my nieces who are now in college and I rarely hear from them. But that's a whole other thing... I was hoping elicit the feeling of a nice spring day. This was probably 2010 or 2011 and the aerial and color grading are terrible. This is a property that I always wanted to do over. Conceptually it was OK but I got in a rush, probably because keeping young girls and a puppy focused is a real challenge, so the photography just wasn't what I'd hoped. Anyway I hope some of this helps.
  16. A thing that I struggle with is relying on the concept of basing a business on building the infrastructure first and then trying to determine how much you need to spend. Don’t get me wrong, as a management tool I get the need to do it but I think there’s a problem when investment and performance decisions are evaluated based on starting a business this way. Although this is how mos people start businesses that approach supports a yet undeveloped concept that depends more on the promise of future wealth rather than what customers actually want, need or are willing to pay for. What are you basing any sort of forecast on? In order to build a company that people believe in and shareholders want to invest in, they will need to believe that there is a broad trend towards aerial based remote sensing where the data becomes hugely valuable, and that what ever your products and services are, customers can build a platform of business on top of them. Along with this “list” is the need to explicitly identify the risks to your success and how will you mitigate it? You need to identify your competition and develop a better understanding of the competitive risks and develop a strategy for a competitive advantage. Why do you think you can break from the pack? What is your advantage? what is your understanding of product-market fit? Is it your technology? How can you scale your company? How can you support the demand for your services or technology? You missed the most important ingredient for building a profitable UAV business, the people! How many and what will it take to attract good talent, not just drone operators. What about a facility? If you want to figure out how much it takes to start a “drone” business you need to start by figuring out what a “drone” business is. What problem can you solve with a drone that customers are willing to pay you for? Another category your missing is what data are you collecting? A LiDAR used for civil engineering costs $100k, a hyperpectral sensor can cost $250k and a camera on a DJI generally costs $1600. Which instruments do you think people are willing to pay enough to create a good business? You don’t need to start spending that kind of money, but you’d better understand why you might want to.
  17. Av8Chuck

    Civil Drones In the Military

    This obviously is something that has been in the works for a considerable amount of time. In fact it started well before the ban on COTS which is why I often referred to the US Army ban on DJI and what the potential impact that might have on the commercial market. Many on this and other forums thought I had an agenda or accused me of being a conspiracy theorists. Sometimes it’s just a matter of what someone knows and when. As a result of this CRADA I was asked to be on a panel and give a presentation on the potential role of UAV’s and “The Digital Twin” in regards to In Service Engineering. In attendance were the Undersecretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy and a a whole host of officials with acronyms I have no idea what they are.. I cant share the actual presentation but I can share the introduction video. The first 30 seconds is our standard open but then it changes to the introduction of the presentation. The titles go by quickly but if people are serious about working in and developing a strong commercial UAV industry, these are the types of things we should be discussing. If people continue to believe the hype coming from DJI then you should continue to expect being paid a couple of hundred dollars per mission. If instead people want to understand for themselves how to define an industry where you can charge thousands of dollars per mission then I’d recommend changing the conversation. I’m not selling a book, or am I trying to get people to attend a $199 class, I’m just trying to get people to take control of their own future. It doesn’t cost anything to debate and shape your own future. For people who think that this can’t happen on a forum like this, we’ll they are spineless uninformed idiots. This is exactly how the whole drone industry started in the first place.
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    Starting a Profitable Drone Business Training ?

    What’s thief more expensive service?
  19. Av8Chuck

    InterDrone Keynote Speakers Include Over One Dozen UAV Visionaries

    Anyone have anything interesting to report to those that didn’t attend?
  20. Av8Chuck

    Our Hobby (in the USA) is under threat!

    He makes some good points. However, he advocates for continuing the distinction between commercial and hobbyists. It’s that old saying, “divide and conquer.” That is what the CDA and the FAA are doing. The FAA is prohibited from regulating commerce which is why they want to separate hobbyists and commercial operators. They must go through the NPRM process to devolop policies for commercial UAV’s but they don’t have to meet that standard to regulate hobbyists. As long as both hobbyists and commercial UAV operators stick together the FAA and members of the CDA have little influence over the hobbyists. If they are successful at seperating hobbyists and commercial operators then the FAA will over regulate hobbyist to extinction. So although his intention for supporting the AMA is good, he’s supporting the wrong organization. We need a PAC like AOPA, unfortunately that doesn’t exist and we can’t trust AOPA any more than we can the AMA for the reasons he pointed out in the video.
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    Thoughts on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom?

    Thats probably why people shouldn't take the advice coming from Twitter seriously. Its a "mine is bigger than yours" kind of thing. The majority of productions shot on 4K are delivered HD and there's not meaningful place to distribute 60Hz anything let alone 4K. I'm guessing the majority of the tweeters complaining about this live in their grandmothers basement...
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    Thoughts on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom?

    Did you receive it yet?
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    Tips, reviews on autel and dji.

    Whats the point of your thread? The link leads to a video about a guy who crashed his EVO. Is there a reason to care about that?