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  1. Welcome to the forum. The COVID pandemic has made starting any business “hazy.” So your definitely not alone. You might consider providing more information about what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t, where are you located and what are you hoping to accomplish? It’s kind of difficult to offer support without any meaningful information. One of the options you have is to not do it alone.
  2. Hi Tim, nice job on the virtual tour. unfortunately my first thought was who watches a 30 minute YouTube video? What no music!? Once I let go, relaxed, your photography and explanations captured my attention and I enjoyed the entire half hour. You have some very good Aerial photos. Have you thought about flying a much better camera and lens? More resolution and better lenses would capture so much more detail. I realize that some will argue it’s not about the camera, it’s “the story” that matters most. With respect, everything matters. It’s the colors we choose, the crop, the framing, the exposure, etc.. how an image is edited can transform it from a cool looking picture to a more interesting photograph. Using better tools helps produce more vibrant art. UAVs have certainly added a more interesting perspective to photography, I’ve seen some amazing images taken by people flying 45MP cameras with sharp lenses. Combining the high quality image with such a unique perspective is stunning. Congratulations on your virtual show.
  3. They have some pretty strange laws, But it’s legal to fly there so I don’t see why It would be illegal to build your own?
  4. There are tons of variables that could account for what you saw. Over time a Mylar balloon will hold altitude in your living room, so if people are telling you that 15000 feet is low and they wouldn’t stay at that altitude, probably don’t know what their talking about. Unless you had pictures of the objects, something more than a vague description, you will probably never know what it was. And since you don’t know what they were, why don’t you call it what it was instead of jumping to the conclusion that it was a drone, an unidentified flying object. what kind of plane where you flying at 15,000 feet?
  5. In the US the FAA considers any use of images for financial gain commercial. It doesn’t matter if you were paid or not. doesn’t mean it’s the same in Canada. Having said that I wouldn’t worry about it. Generally speaking, they’re not after the occasional Aerial picture of a house.
  6. There are a LOT of variables and without seeing the flight logs, even then, troubleshooting can be difficult and subjective. These comments are a bit at odds with one another. It doesn’t sound like you just chopped the throttle “100%”. There’s a condition where if your descending straight down quickly the props lose lift and cavitate. Once that happens the props are stalled and the Controller freaks trying to regain control. Higher density altitude means you have to slow your descent. Like any aircraft that has stalled you have to increase the airflow over the wing. Multirotors are rotory wings, so to recover from this you need to roll the drone on it’s axis almost 90’ the trouble is the controller won’t let you do this. DJI controllers are very susceptible to this, they even have a term for this “toilet bowling.” All multirotors suffer from this, however a couple of reasons that this afflicts DJI worse than others is that they control the throttle curve so that it always hovers at 50% even when the DA is high and it is actually hovering at a higher throttle but you’re not aware of it. One possible fix for this is to switch out of ATTI mode while it’s falling, this enable you to roll to break the stall. Most of the time the operator increases the throttle thinking it will increase lift, that only worsens the stall. You can try lowering the throttle to zero and quickly back up several times and to see if there’s a range where it starts to produce lift again. If you remain in ATTI the FC is working against you for this to work. unless it was really hot and humid you should have had enough horizontal airflow that it should not have stalled. I’m sure there’s a formula for lateral speed*DA/2x-vertical speed=stall..
  7. No worries. Again since I really don’t fly FPV it’s hard to recommend the best way to train. That whole being nervous thing is really normal. Wait until you fly a $250K LiDAR, you won’t be able to crap for a week... A big part of being nervous is from being confused on your orientation. Your fingers are feeling the pressure, do I go left or right, or up or down. That’s what I feels like to be behind the aircraft. Draw two 12” squares on the ground about 10’ apart. Start tail in, take off from one and land at the other. Keep doing that until you can do it really smoothly, takeoff smoothly, apply the throttle smoothly and then land smoothly. You’ll find that concentrating on doing it smoothly will reduce the number of control inputs and you can go faster. That’s what it feels like to be ahead of the aircraft. Now rinse and repeat with the other orientations, left and right and the. Tail out. Once you get smooth in every orientation LOS when you start FPV you’ll stop thinking about what your doing and start putting the aircraft where you want it. Depending on how much time you can dedicate to practicing this will probably only take about a week or two. The cool thing is this can be a lot of fun.
  8. Ok, let’s start by welcoming you to the forum. my first impression is that your not that bad. Your not very smooth on the controls, but you seem to stay in control pretty well. Flying FPV is not easy and there are a lot of people posting amazing video that make it look easy. You probably have a better appreciation for how good those people are. I don’t fly FPV so I’m not going to pretend to offer advice. There’s an expression in aviation, “your behind the aircraft” which means your reacting to it rather than anticipating and controlling it. It’s difficult to know from just watching the video but it sounds like your behind. Not sure if this would be a good idea but maybe learning to fly in a small area in all different orientations (not FPV) might smooth out your control by anticipating the control inputs better.
  9. No, the FAA has nothing to do with flying indoors. If your indoors your not in the NAS.
  10. Well not to rain on your parade but if you want a drone to fly 20 plus minutes, fly it BVLOS, carry 15 pounds, and he ability to fly on inclement weather, how much do you think that should cost? How much do you want to spend? How many do you need? How much of a commitment are you prepared to make for someone to develop that kind of platform? If you used a DJI M600, first of all probably not a good choice, but with everything you’d need to accomplish this you’d be looking at something like $20-$25K each. 7.5kg is a lot more than most multi-rotors can carry. And you want it cheap!?
  11. A quick Road trip from California to Montana and back through Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Park City, Provo/Salt Lake City, and rafting in Missoula. All social with Social distancing. Actually there weren't too many people along the way to social distance from. Kind of a cool video because there aren't many people in it...
  12. ESCs don’t protect your FC, the FC uses A PWM Signal to communicate with the ESC to control the amount of energy to the motors. Some ESCs use a BEC to provide power through the PWM cable to power the FC. It’s usually better to have a delegate BEC and use OPTO ESCs.
  13. Hi @T.O Joe, welcome to the forum. All good questions but the probability of getting them answered is much better if you posted your own thread in the appropriate forum: DJI Mavic?
  14. Yes. if you take pictures because you love photography and love flying drones then you don’t need a 107. If you get any value from that activity then the FAA considers that commercial it doesn’t matter if you get paid or not.
  15. Welcome to the forum. I’m located just north of Los Angeles. I’d be interested in collaborating. here’s a video that has some performance art. It was very dark and I wasn’t allowed to use a tripod so I didn’t shoot much of the exhibit. It was my birthday, great weekend. We do a lot of photogrammetry for civil engineering. https://aerialalchemy.com
  16. Please excuse my sarcasm, but the answer to your riddle is to use any other make of drone besides a DJI. this is one of the many issues with DJIs implementation of NFZ.
  17. Welcome to the forum. Where are you located and what kind of media do you produce?
  18. Precision agriculture is important to increasing the yield of food and UAVs will have an important role in the effectiveness of precision ag. This was an interesting more natural way to control evasive insects without using pesticides. I’m not a farmer so I have no idea about its effectiveness but it’s a great use of a drone.. Many pesticides are dangerous to humans, the idea that a drone can be used in-this application is questionable. Not that it lacks the capability but I would think that applying pesticides from the air must be highly regulated.
  19. Hi @vickyace, great explanation of the different components required to build a multirotor. There are many variables when it comes to choosing the type of components and where to source them. Probably the most important is determining the requirements for the UAV. What problem do you want the drone to solve? Who do you want to solve the problem for (who’s the customer)? Do you build multirotors? If so, do you sell them?
  20. Apparently this has no effect on service. https://www.google.com/amp/thedronegirl.com/2020/06/01/airmap-office-fire-santa-monica-riots/amp/
  21. Don’t know if this has anything to do with your problem but AirMap was destroyed in the Santa Monica riots on Sunday.
  22. Hi John and welcome to the forum. Your correct, this is a photography problem. I believe the darker pictures when on auto, is because your EV is set to -3. That’s three stops underexposed. These little sensored cameras really pump the brightness, so it’s good to be a little under but that would be a third of a stop (.3) or if your shooting raw you can be up to a stop under (-.5 to -1.0). On your manual settings the EV set to +.7 will tend to over expose by 2/3 of a stop. Everything is blown out so there is no color. Do you use your histogram? Search basic photography on YouTube and find someone you can stand listening to that can help you understand the basics a bit better. This guys pretty good, there’s a ton of this sleet of stuff.
  23. Great question. I’ve done a fair amount of work in upper income neighborhoods and have been questioned about this from surrounding property owners quite a few times. There are a couple of issues, do you have the authority to fly and what are the neighbors privacy rights. The only agency that can regulate airspace is the FAA, as long as you have permission to fly in the airspace, class-G for example, and a 107 then you can fly even if that means overflying the neighbors property. Common sense goes a long way here. obviously if the neighbor is having a party in the back yard you’d be better off rescheduling. They have a reasonable right to privacy and you don’t need the headache if someone recognizes themselves in the property marketing. Also you can’t overfly people. If there’s a classic car, or a vehicle that’s obvioisly expensive, shoot around it. People are sensitive to not making it public that there a valuable item at that location. However, if it’s in the driveway in the front of the house parked in the open then your not obligated to do that but it’s always a good idea to be as respectful of peoples privacy as possible. That goes for the property you’ve been hired to shoot. Often times the property owner might have an expensive car parked in the driveway and they don’t think about how detailed 4K aerial can be, asking them to move the car is always a good idea. If they don’t care or they wanted it included in the shot they’ll tell you. Sometimes the house next door looks great from the front and the backyard is a total disaster, obviously for the sake of your client you wouldn't want to show that either, but you might find the neighbor whispering sweet nothings in your ear because they’re embarrassed but don’t want to admit it. How you deal with this also depends on the relationship between the agent, client and neighbors. Some have been great and couldn’t care less, others hated each other and they might even goes as far to threaten to shoot you down. You probably know the area well, if you have a good working relationship with the agent they’ll know where the bombs are barried. “Let’s shoot the aerial of the front of the property at 1pm when the neighbor is out shopping” sort of thing. I’ve never heard of anyone being fined. I had a security guard try and confiscate my equipment once. They don’t have a right to do that, I doubt they even have the authority to stop you. But it’s not all about the rules. You have to be a people person and be able to deal with a lot of egos while keeping yours out of it. Prior to UAVs, all but the more expensive properties could afford aerial and the only way they could get it was from a manned aircraft. They almost always got the house next door in the shot. The big difference is they probably didn’t know when you were shooting them.