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  1. The I2 has been discontinued. The M200 and M600 have been end of life. And you can’t take M300 batteries on a plane.
  2. We were doing this in 2017-2018, miles out at sea, using a FLIR DuoProR to locate the people in the water, streaming the location data back to the ship that would launch a second drone with a lifesaver and use radar to navigate it to the people in the water. It was amazing how accurately they could drop the lifesaver from about a mile away.
  3. Post some of the footage if you can. We have quite a few I2's and its getting stupidly expensive and hard to get batteries.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I'd be interested in seeing some of the footage and images from the EVOII. Which version do you have? I'm leaning towards the 6K version. I have a an Autel XStar Premium. Great little drone but you can't get new batteries for them anymore and used ones are about $300 and no way to tell how many cycles are let... So basically it's a paperweight!
  5. I think your conflating a couple of issues: do you need a Part107 if you have a Part61 commercial? Yes, you do. do you need a Part107 to unlock your drone? The need to “unlock” the drone is a DJI requirement, not an FAA requirement. It’s DJI’s lame implementation of geofencing and their NFZ policy. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you look at it, it doesn’t work very well. I can arm my MavicPro2 and Inspire2 at my hanger. There are other places where the damn thing thinks it’s in restricted airspace, and it isn’t, so it won’t Arm. Many of the decisions
  6. What level of class is this for? A couple of things to keep in mind. All Chinese manufactured drones are very tightly vertically integrated. You can’t use a P3 battery in a P4, an M200 battery in a M300 etc.. and DJI published a list several months ago sunsetting all products except the Mavic and M300. The Mavic can’t lift much, the FPV camera would not be very resolute for machine vision. There are a lot of used Inspires but getting new batteries can be difficult and used ones are going for $275 each, you need two per flight and I doubt you could get 50 cycles out of them so you’d be spendi
  7. I don't think your the confused one...
  8. Hi Zacc, who IS the Navy? Who speaks for the Navy? Part of what started this wild goose chase was a FOIA which received the logs from those on duty that night. Its not that "The" Navy doesn't want to disclose the information, they probably don't think there's anything to disclose. A lot of Media organizations want to create notoriety for themselves by generating this kind of clickbait. I don't have the answer but I sure don't think they were the Chinese spying on us. They don't need to use drones and if they did where did they launch and recover them from? How many drones could f
  9. What law? Where does some standard committee get off telling people that if you shoot aerial with a drone, using a GPS and then stitch together a mosaic of the images that qualifies as a survey? They have no right to tell anyone any such thing. They can tell them they aren't authorized to sell the resulting product as a survey but that's it. Also, I don't see it the same way you do. I don't think the lawsuit is about complaining about what's unfair, its pointing out the overreach of the Board of Supervisors to protect once class of worker versus another. Where were
  10. For people who enjoy this type of “espionage” have fun with it but don’t confuse anything CNN reports with reality. Every year the federal government exercises the EAP for first responders and for all of the agencies responsible for protecting our deep water ports. This exercise includes things like smuggling in nuclear material, biohazards, drugs, human trafficking as well as accidents in the harbor that might block shipping or present a hazard to nearby communities. These are extremely well run experiments that can last up to three months. Sometimes commercial, naval and coastguard
  11. Seriously!? Have you ever heard the expression “you never have a second chance to make a good first impression?” The trouble is the surveying standards committee is conflating the use of a tool, in this case a drone with the chain of evidence required to certify the accuracy of a survey. The act of collecting the aerial data and post processing it through an application like Pix4D does not constitute a survey. That process can be certified but it requires a licensed surveyor to provide the chain of evidence for the ground control points. There are other uses for aerial dat
  12. @AVS you should post your website here so for those who need repairs can find you.
  13. @Alex1200 did you read the article Alan provided the link too? https://uavcoach.com/where-to-fly-drone/new-york-city/ There should be no concussion here. The FAA is the only agency authorized to grant authority to fly. No State has the authority to allow or restrict your right to fly without going through the FAA. That is why there is LAANC.
  14. Who is the target audience for the video? What do you want to tell them? How much are you willing to spend to get your message across? An effective website video can cost as much as $25K and provide a strong ROI, you can also pay as little as $500 with zero ROI, wasting $500. The difference will be how well prepared your messaging is and how well defined your requirements. From the sound of your questions I’d recommend you do a little research about producing effective media. I think one of the things you’ll discover is that any company you recruit from a “drone” related forum w
  15. That’s a useless hypothetical question because the answer is different for every situation. It is totally possible to descend into the flight path of a helicopter, the same is true on any direction you turn. GA aircraft aren’t going to appear out of nowhere, you should be able to see and hear them at more than half a mile away. Most of the time when I see a plane or helicopter I continue doing what I’m doing. If the distance starts to close I usually just stop and hover until I can determine the best way to proceed. The earlier you know where the plane is relative to the drone the lon
  16. In the US I believe the FAA removed the five mile restriction for recreational operators. Your a pilot, haven’t you ever heard the expression an inch is as good as a mile. I’m not recommending that you fly within and inch of a manned aircraft, but five miles is stupid. If your property isn’t directly off the approach end of the runway, use common sense and keep your drone within a 100ft of the ground and be safe. If a manned acft comes anywhere near you, it has way more serious problems than running into you.
  17. They’re using Q-Ground control so I’m guessing PX4.
  18. You should check out https://ardupilot.org. This is definitely a setup issue. It could be a lot of things, the wrong motor setup, controller calibration etc. unfortunately I don’t have the time to take such a deep dive. The ArduPilot wiki is a pretty good setup guide.
  19. Aerial cinematography is more about the camera than the drone. If you want to make money on anything more than click bait on YouTube then your going to need a camera much better than what’s available on any model of Phantom or MAVIC. the first DJI camera that should be used professionally was the X5, probably still the best, the X7 is too temperamental and fragile. The only reason to use an X7 professionally is because the DP is an idiot and thinks the 7 is better than a 5 because it’s a bigger number...
  20. Kind of depends on what country they’re located in.
  21. The challenge with using a DJI drone is that they are designed and tuned for a specific payload, they work exceptionally well if it does what you need but doesn't work well at all if you try and use it for something it wasn't built for. The connector for Mavic2Pro, computer and WiFi router weigh approximately three and a half pounds plus you need power. You might be able to get 5V from the MAVIC, if you need more power you'll need to add an external battery which will likely put you at almost four pounds making the MAVIC2Pro not a good candidate for this mission. If you want to st
  22. Really!? You know, some cynical people might take this opportunity to give you a pretty hard time but not me, I’m above all that...
  23. Hi Vic, Another great tutorial. I have a suggestion, you might want to go to the Edit page, in the upper menu bar, click on the "playback" dropdown > Render Cache > Smart. This should improve your performance and smooth out your playback and transitions. Hope this helps.
  24. There are just too many variables, wind, rain, component failure etc for this to be practical. It would interesting to know how high and how far the signal. These things will need to be checked up on constantly.