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  1. If your a group of friends, who love RC, with a friendly rivalry trying to prove who’s the better pilot at you local flying club then it’s not commercial. But, if on the other hand this is an organized competition where there are sponsors, or spectators pay at the gate to watch, or the event is published to YouTube to increase awareness of the event then it’s considered commercial. it doesn’t matter that you were paid, it’s if you participated in a commercial activity. If this is an AMA type sponsored activity they should be able to inform you whether you need a 107. Either way, you’d have all the plausible diniability to fly first and ask for forgiveness. If it’s a small event in the middle of nowhere then do it and have fun. If your Someone who lives by the letter of the law, you never exceed the speed limit, always cross the street in a crosswalk, or never remove the tag from your mattress, you should get your 107 or find a different evocation. Otherwise, fly the event and enjoy what your doing the way that it’s been intended for more than 100 years and forget the FAA. Here’s another thought, if you participate and are unsure what to do, once your done send me the good stuff your sponsors gave you. I’ll take the risk for you...
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    We shoot mostly with the Sony a6500 24MP m4/3 with a 135mm lens and a7RIII 43MP full frame with a 70-240mm lens.
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    Absolutely makes sense! A question I will often ask UAS operators is what problem are you trying to solve? If your producing videos for YouTube you can’t beat the cost performance of just about any Chinese consumer drone. If your deliverable requires high resolution, tac-sharp, well exposed, images from a 40 foot standoff for an enhanced visual inspection then the cameras sold with those drones are not capable. Not sure how to share this image but as you can see we’ve captured the entire pole but can zoom into the cotter-pins in the bolts on the connectors with great clarity. You can see the threads on the bolt, easily read the seriel number and barcode on the transformer and the entire pole is in focus. We tried this with an I2 and X7 with a 50mm lens and it didn’t come close.
  4. Well, to her credit 3500sqft is a small property for $21M. You’d think with such a high per square foot cost she’d want the longer version.
  5. That looks great. Curious why it had to be a minute? Did it take less time to produce a shorter video?
  6. This isn’t so much about the ratio of women to men operators but the report mentions the following: “The report went on to say “Like the internet and GPS before them, drones are evolving beyond their military origin to become powerful business tools.” Civilain UAVs DID NOT COME FROM THE MILITARY!!! How can you believe any report that is so fundimemtally flawed? Again, I’m not disputing the gender gap, just the intelligence of the writer.
  7. It’s not like the FAA is doing a good job with the implementation of drone regulations..
  8. And what does ULC have to do with drone regulations? What authority do they have over any of this?
  9. Those are some great time lapses. Some very good photography as well. I’m guessing you edited this compilation to show off your TL’s? It is a good reel but it’s a bit long. I’ll certainly check out your Pond5 if I need any stock footage. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I’m sure it’s a pain, but really doesn’t have anything to do with drones. Not that everything here has to be totally drone related. Have you been to California?
  11. The reason for my question was simply to learn what you consider “professional,” if you would have answered with a cell phone or GoPro - well you get the picture... the drones you listed are more in the Cell Phone, GoPro category of professionalism. It depends on what problems your solving for whom. Neither have good quality cameras. definatley a place to start but it can be difficult moving up the food chain with those drones.
  12. Where are you located? It sounds like your interested in becoming a reseller and possibly a system integrator for UAVs. Unfortunately that sort of channel doesn't really exist in the commercial UAV industry. ALL of the consumer brands have decimated any semblance of a channel so support is really the gating factor to their growth and they aren't willing to provide enough margin to support a channel. This is partly a generational thing, millennial companies like DJI think they can provide all the necessary support via the internet and use PC's as examples of how its supposed to work. I guess they haven't noticed that neither Apple or IBM are computer manufacturers anymore, their consumer electronics companies. As an integrator you need a platform that can be reconfigured to be a purpose built solution for specific payloads and applications. To accomplish that they need to be open and extensible. Anyone who figured this out have changed business models to supply the services rather than products. That's why possibly your best hope is actually the DIY market. Anyway, good luck and let us know what you find.
  13. Hi @Chase Atwood, i have some unpopular insights... Unfortunately DJI is a vertically integrated closed system which means if DJI didn't manufacture it, its not going to play well with the drone, and DJI manufactured accessories don't work well on non-DJI drones. This is a consumer mentality that does not translate well to professionals who have to depend on their equipment working when they need it. I have never flown the AGRAS, but if the DJI GoApp or LightBridge2 is part of the software that makes this system fly then your likely going to have all the same difficulties as everyone else. This is such a niche product that its doubtful that third party vendors like Litche would support it. Its not even clear if there's a DTK for the Radar etc.. Sorry I can't be helpful other than to say that the GoApp and LightBridge2 upgrades are a pain on all platforms so I suspect that if you applied some of the same techniques for upgrading hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised . @Mad_Angler1 helps a lot of DJI folks and maybe he'll offer his support.
  14. Welcome to the forum @Eagle Tom. You don't need to get your Part 107 to learn how to fly a drone safely. There is no skills component in the 107 so many think once they have that their good to go. Learning primary flight control is the right way to go, its easy - just takes practice, and once you get the hang of flying in all orientations then your much better prepared to be a professional if thats what you choose. What kind of drone did you get?
  15. Welcome to the forum @David Wills. In your considerable experience with evidence collection what kind of camera did you use?
  16. I guess my thoughts would be do you really trust a company that offers a “Crash” Part 107 coarse!? Just a thought..
  17. Kind of depends on what data your collecting and what your collecting it with. A quadcopter can probably fly that much area but how long it will take will be determined by the FOV of the lens, the altitude and the overlap required. Most likely a quadcopter is not the most efficient or best UAV for that sort of job.
  18. Sounds like this is a self contained unit independent of the flight controller. What kind of flight controller are you using? Is there a way to trigger the camera from the flight controller?
  19. @Philip Moore, sure I’d be happy to review your qualifications.
  20. It’s something we would like to try. Any chance of beta testing?
  21. Depends on what you mean by stall? Generally aerodynamically multi rotors don’t stall. If it just fell from the sky there was probably some sort of power failure. Again, I’m assuming your talking about a multirotor and although turbulence can effect performance depending on the size and wind speed it usually doesn’t have much of an adverse effect.