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  1. It’s a rather nice grip truck. I doubt that if DJI studios was asked to do the whole production they would turn it down. DJI customers who shoot commercial projects should be really concerned about this. DJI is going into competition with their own customers. Most DJI users won’t care because very few of them make money at that level, but DJI won’t stop there.
  2. I’m guessing it’s a reasonably busy airport but a small community of operators who ask for permission to fly. Once people in the tower get to know you they’re generally nice about giving permission. Curious, did the requirement to call the tower come with the waiver?
  3. Huh!? https://www.c4isrnet.com/unmanned/2019/06/14/white-house-says-america-needs-to-make-its-own-drones/
  4. Your conflating issues. Is it legal to fly over your neighbors property? Yes as long as you don’t fly directly over people doing it. Are you a law enforcement officer? Is it legal to spy on your neighbor with your drone? Probably not, but I don’t know either. Would the video you shot be admissible in court? No. Non of this matters in Portlandia. If you show that footage to the police in Oregon chances are they’ll confiscate your drone and throw you in jail. If you were my neighbor you’d be picking up the pieces of your drone. Seriously, you think it was a good idea to spy on your neighbor? You think because you have a drone that gives you the right to servail people? Sorry, I have no idea what or if your neighbor stole anything but I’m not sure who the criminal is?
  5. I would love to move my company to New Zealand! http://iplayerhd.com/player/cec626ae-f30f-4df9-af7c-deb04f537d9c
  6. What was the originally cost? Also as a Trimble distributer did you sell many of these? Just curious how the adoption of UAS by civil engineers is going in New Zealand.
  7. You crack me up. Great shot. I’ll have to take my wife there to see if she can get that thorn out...
  8. That’s a beautiful area. Johnson City was a nice college town. So, you grew up there and you now live in Maui. Have I mentioned lately how much I Hate you!! You know I’m an old jealous, bitter guy and I’m just kidding.
  9. This application certainly has a lot of potential but there’s a lot involved in being able to do it. It’s not simply whether the drone can operate in a GPS denied environment.
  10. Unfortunately any discussion about the ethics of DJI never seems to gain any traction, it goes mostly ignored. Either I have to reshape my tinfoil hat or people generally feel powerless to question the prerogatives of governments and corporations. If people don’t hold DJI accountable for its questionable business practices then they will continue them with impunity. They won’t stop with the vendors they”ll eventually move to the customers. There’s no law against competing with your own customers but it will generally start where the application effects companies who are less price sensitive, thereby effecting fewer users, and work its way down the broader market. This will have a profound effect on competition and if people don’t speak out against this in its early stages there will be nothing you can do by the time it effects you. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/5/31/18647934/dji-storm-studio-drone-cinematography-service-van-film-crew
  11. How well did you do for the predictions and does anyone have predictions for the remainder of 2019 and 2020?
  12. For those interested, this drone has been upgraded to carry a Sony A7RIV 75MP camera integrated with a FLIR Toa1280 SWIR. i think the upgrade is $7.50..
  13. New members start threads about topics that have been previously discussed at some length. A lot of topics get conflated in a single thread so it’s not not easy searching for the the answers new members are looking for. Instead of starting new threads about the same topics, occasionally it’s probably a good idea to resurrect threads that have had some traction in the past. Also, after previously breathing life back into this thread some people said they didn’t have much to add to the conversation. Even if things might not have changed much, that can be very useful information over time. As an example, we have grown considerably and I’m very proud of the quality of work and what we’ve accomplished. However, we’re really struggling to scale. Not necessarily a drone related problem but like to hear from others in this industry who might be experiencing the same thing and what your plans might be for growth.
  14. we went to check out this factory to manufacture drones. I shot it as we walked through.
  15. Unfortunately the NPRM for Remote ID conflates accountability with safety. These aren’t mutually exclusive but they are often, and this case, in conflict. If they don’t change the language regarding law enforcement the OMB will likely kill it altogether. The FAA cannot regulate commerce or law enforcement and as long as that’s a consideration in the NPRM it won’t happen. Before I get accused of being an anarchist this is not my opinion of what should happen, it’s the rules. At issue is how does knowing the identity of the UAV operator make the NAS safer? Again, I could see how it could but it’s not currently a requirement of GA.
  16. I created a topic for and posted this link there as well. https://www.suasnews.com/2019/05/dji-huawei-spying-and-how-they-bamboozled-the-faa-and-american-public/ i used to think that many of the issues related to the ban was that DJI didn’t understand the cultural differences of doing business in the US. Now I think it’s the citizens of the US that don’t understand the importance of what DJI is doing. Currently there is no credible US alternative to Chinese manufactured UAVs! That has little to do with the ban on DJI and more to do with the lack of understanding in Silicon Valley of the importance of the UAV industry and the applications it will enable. VC’s view it simply as a hardware issue and are holding out hope that there’s a 28 year old Harvard dropout that will create a social app for that... The loss of manufacturing in the US is not a result of lack of knowledge or experience or even the economics, but a lack of will.
  17. There’s considerable revisionists history in this article, plus in my opinion it gives way too much credit to Kevin Finisterre regarding his role in uncovering DJI’s business practices, many had published articles well prior to Kevin’s “hacking” revelations. However, he played a role and this article explains what his role was and provides a lot of supporting information and an interesting chronology. https://www.suasnews.com/2019/05/dji-huawei-spying-and-how-they-bamboozled-the-faa-and-american-public/ If anyone is seriously interested in starting a career in the commercial sUAV industry, you don’t have to agree or get politically active, but you would be wise to understand how the politics of drones might be shaping your future. Fourms like this one are a good place for people to share their experiences and hopefully get a broader, more balanced view of this emerging technological landscape.
  18. In the US, the ONLY agency with airspace authorization is the FAA. The military can request airspace restrictions from the FAA, once restricted they can manage its usage but they are not the governing agency.
  19. And how do you define ban? The Link @Dave Pitman posted was WIRED talking about the Army ban about two years ago. The undersecretary of defense banned cots on May 23 of last year. The overall ban is more complicated than the security issue in the previous ban. The more reasonable point is that this ban is being broadend to include all federal agencies.
  20. Because the World needs another GoPro!
  21. Feel free to post examples of your 3D reconstructions developed with DJI Terra.