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  1. I wasn't aware there's a difference when it comes to registration? That's a great question. My preference would be to register as a hobbyists. On one hand if you register for recreation, build your confidence and have the opportunity for a paying gig what do you do? Do it under the table or do you re-register it commercially? On the other hand if you register commercially you always have the choice to do either. All I know was that while I was learning to fly everyone gave you some latitude to screw up when over the radio you said those infamous words, "I'm a student pilot." I still
  2. Hi @Eddie Callender, some advice on how to get your questions answered quicker and on point. Tell others what your currently doing or hope to do. Like in this case what type of editing software are you using and why are you looking for different software. That will let us know where your coming from so that we can answer your question directly or point you to other resources that would help. For example I believe Jonathon and I use Davinci Resolve but if your just starting out I would not recommend starting with that software, there are other better NLE's out there that will meet your
  3. Never mind, either it was me or someone fixed it but they seem to work.
  4. In the REAL ESTATE section.. https://community.uavcoach.com/forum/18-property-real-estate-marketing/
  5. Welcome to the forum. Ive only been to Tennessee to view a factory to manufacture UAVs in Johnson City. Looks like a great place to live. Heres a video of our trip (mostly of the current factory).
  6. Welcome to the forum. Have you checked out the real estate thread? We have several threads discussing how to get started, produce, techniques etc., with quite an active group willing to provide advice. I recommend asking your questions in that thread.
  7. If your asking can you purchase a drone off the shelf that can do this, probably not. If your asking which drones can be modified to accomplish this, just about all of them. Trouble is you would have to develop, or find someone who could develop such a solution for you. We’ve built solutions that could track cattle based on temperature so they could cull the sick cattle from the herd. It really depends on the problem your trying to solve. Here’s a video about how we use UAVs to track the data of thousands of assets to prevent wildfires. The concepts are similar for tracking ca
  8. It’s really nice to see all of the new people joining the forum. Welcome. @Susan_Brakels, your company appears to be such a talented group. Great lighting, cinematography and content. Such a beautiful place to work. My wife just recently sold her Jag so I enjoyed your spot that included the F-Type. Really nice work.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on passing your Part107 exam. It’s odd that it’s not a terribly difficult test to pass but you feel such a sense of accomplishment once you have. For film making a UAV is just another tool to add camera movement and get a different perspective. There are quite a few members here who produce various kinds of media for property videos, documentary, commercials, training etc.. This is a supportive community and it’s not all just about the drone. Feel free to jump into conversations and add new ones. One thing I ask is to not double post. I
  10. Hi Captain and welcome to the forum. Carter Caves looks like a great place to be. I would love to photograph a place like that. If you have pictures or videos you’d like to share there’s quite a few photographers and videographers on this site. It doesn’t have to be all about aerial. UAV Coach s a good “beginner” forum. Easy to navigate, people are friendly, the activity is, not sure of a politically correct way to put this, pretty slow which makes it nice to strike up interesting conversations. I’m guessing our members skew a little older, so the conversations are generall
  11. Welcome to the forum. Do you have any examples of your aerial cinematography you can share with us?
  12. Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately aviation is probably the most regulated industry on the planet so starting out a discussion by saying let's imagine this isn't the case will get you nowhere. There are a lot of good reasons that BVLOS is restricted (and some not so good ones). First, in order for a UAV to be capable of BVLOS is has to be self aware. I'm not talking about collision avoidance so it doesn't run into a tree or a mountain, but aware enough that when there's an emergency it can land itself without hurting anyone. When you stop and think what that entails you realiz
  13. Welcome to the forum. We used to have people who provided classes on thermal and photogrammetry but unfortunately I have not been as active as usual so I don't know if they are still offering that through UAV Coach. One thing you may want to keep in mind is you might find non-drone related thermal or photogrammetry training more thorough and accessible. Its your knowledge of those technologies that companies pay for not the fact that you can fly a drone. Applying that skill set to the drone is pretty straight forward.
  14. Hi @Fabrizio Musso, there aren't too many DIYrs on this forum, I'd suggest checking out RCGroups.com. Your more likely to find someone who can help you there. It's nice to see people are still building their own drones. A great way to start.
  15. I'm not sure what that is, unfortunately we seem to getting spammed with that at the moment. Hopefully we can block this.
  16. Hi Todd, welcome to the forum. It will be interesting to see if there's anyone in the LV area willing to mentor others. I suspect it will be hard to find someone, mostly because although there has been considerable press regarding the expansion of the use of drones in the utility industry, its still a very small percentage of 107s actually doing this for a living. About the only thing I can think that people interested in the type of work can do is more of what your already doing. Hunt around different forums, filter out the wannabe's from the people who are actually doing this and
  17. Depends on what you mean "most?" If your operating commercially the answer is YES. If your a hobbyist in the US and a member of the AMA then you supposedly have insurance through that CBO, so the answer for hobbyists in the US is maybe, supposedly, quite possibly yes... If your asking do most hobbyists go out and purchase additional liability insurance then the answer is no.
  18. I didn't produce any real estate videos in 2020. When I started doing property videos, for the high end properties it was all about lifestyle. Could you produce it in such a way to capture the essence of the lifestyle, equestrian, vacation, estates etc.. Then you had to figure out how to effectively communicate with fewer shots, shorter amount of time. That's where graphics and FX started playing a bigger role. Not just post processed effects but also aerial, dollies, better dynamic range, that sort of thing. Now I think its changing again and becoming more immersive, not in a "virtu
  19. I don’t know, Google it: https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gear/a34109795/best-gimbals-camera-stabilizers/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=arb_ga_pop_m_bm_a34109795&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjorJlK777QIVdAnnCh3eXwkEEAAYAiAAEgLLVvD_BwE
  20. So the local government makes it illegal to fly in city parks and then charges to make it legal to fly in the very same parks. Huh!? I’m sure that’s legal...
  21. Av8Chuck


    Happy New Year. Although this is a drone related forum it’s focused more on the applications and business models and less on DIY. A small percentage of people on this forum build their own UAVs. You’re more likely to get the help you need faster on Facebook or other forums like RCGroups.com.
  22. Thanks for the email. So because you seem to be exclusively Ardupilot/PX4 based can we communicate with your payloads via MAVLINK? Your pretty pricey compared to HERELink unless this includes two control panels. I'm interested in talking to you about your products and potentially integrating them with our products. IS this something you would be interested in?
  23. Welcome to the forum. You realize your asking for career advice on a drone forum? So as it relates the the UAV industry, think of the drone as a hammer, or any other tool used in a profession. Its a tool that can augment your career but not become your career. There are a lot of variables that only you can answer, how old you are, where your located, are you willing to relocate, do you have a family to support, which is more important to you - money or quality of life, etc.. Some of my best employees are self educated. Public education in California is so sporadic and a college