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  1. @Alex1200 did you read the article Alan provided the link too? https://uavcoach.com/where-to-fly-drone/new-york-city/ There should be no concussion here. The FAA is the only agency authorized to grant authority to fly. No State has the authority to allow or restrict your right to fly without going through the FAA. That is why there is LAANC.
  2. Who is the target audience for the video? What do you want to tell them? How much are you willing to spend to get your message across? An effective website video can cost as much as $25K and provide a strong ROI, you can also pay as little as $500 with zero ROI, wasting $500. The difference will be how well prepared your messaging is and how well defined your requirements. From the sound of your questions I’d recommend you do a little research about producing effective media. I think one of the things you’ll discover is that any company you recruit from a “drone” related forum w
  3. That’s a useless hypothetical question because the answer is different for every situation. It is totally possible to descend into the flight path of a helicopter, the same is true on any direction you turn. GA aircraft aren’t going to appear out of nowhere, you should be able to see and hear them at more than half a mile away. Most of the time when I see a plane or helicopter I continue doing what I’m doing. If the distance starts to close I usually just stop and hover until I can determine the best way to proceed. The earlier you know where the plane is relative to the drone the lon
  4. In the US I believe the FAA removed the five mile restriction for recreational operators. Your a pilot, haven’t you ever heard the expression an inch is as good as a mile. I’m not recommending that you fly within and inch of a manned aircraft, but five miles is stupid. If your property isn’t directly off the approach end of the runway, use common sense and keep your drone within a 100ft of the ground and be safe. If a manned acft comes anywhere near you, it has way more serious problems than running into you.
  5. They’re using Q-Ground control so I’m guessing PX4.
  6. You should check out https://ardupilot.org. This is definitely a setup issue. It could be a lot of things, the wrong motor setup, controller calibration etc. unfortunately I don’t have the time to take such a deep dive. The ArduPilot wiki is a pretty good setup guide.
  7. Aerial cinematography is more about the camera than the drone. If you want to make money on anything more than click bait on YouTube then your going to need a camera much better than what’s available on any model of Phantom or MAVIC. the first DJI camera that should be used professionally was the X5, probably still the best, the X7 is too temperamental and fragile. The only reason to use an X7 professionally is because the DP is an idiot and thinks the 7 is better than a 5 because it’s a bigger number...
  8. Kind of depends on what country they’re located in.
  9. The challenge with using a DJI drone is that they are designed and tuned for a specific payload, they work exceptionally well if it does what you need but doesn't work well at all if you try and use it for something it wasn't built for. The connector for Mavic2Pro, computer and WiFi router weigh approximately three and a half pounds plus you need power. You might be able to get 5V from the MAVIC, if you need more power you'll need to add an external battery which will likely put you at almost four pounds making the MAVIC2Pro not a good candidate for this mission. If you want to st
  10. Really!? You know, some cynical people might take this opportunity to give you a pretty hard time but not me, I’m above all that...
  11. Hi Vic, Another great tutorial. I have a suggestion, you might want to go to the Edit page, in the upper menu bar, click on the "playback" dropdown > Render Cache > Smart. This should improve your performance and smooth out your playback and transitions. Hope this helps.
  12. There are just too many variables, wind, rain, component failure etc for this to be practical. It would interesting to know how high and how far the signal. These things will need to be checked up on constantly.
  13. Allegheny County has removed all of its signage citing the ordinance. Additionally, county officials have instructed the police department to stop writing citations for drone operators in regard to the ordinance because of its violation of the state preemption. Drone operators must still operate according to state and federal laws. Here's the entire article: https://www-suasnews-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.suasnews.com/2021/03/allegheny-county-adheres-to-federal-and-state-drone-preemption/?amp
  14. No worries. Not everyone wants to be a professional and you certainly don’t need to be a pro to post here. letting people know what you want to accomplish with the video will help them provide more appropriate feedback. looks like a great area. You could shoot tons of videos on all the different areas.
  15. Welcome to the forum. looks like an interesting location. The kind of feedback you get really depends on what you hope to accomplish with the video. Going out to enjoy spending the morning with your daughter and sharing that experience with us elicits one type of feedback, or if your hoping to do this professionally, a different type of response. It it’s the former, then it looks great. Either way I’d love to visit that place. Where is that located?
  16. Have you tried using LRTimeLapse to post process raw with LightRoom?
  17. Your splitting hairs. No matter how you define it, it crashed. Also, multi rotors cannot autorotate. If a motor on a quad fails it crashes and there’s nothing you can do about it. if you operate drones professionally do you want to risk your business on equipment that you can’t trust or spend the rest of your life making excuses for all the reasons, firmware upgrades, NFZ, toilet bowling, battery failures etc., you can’t perform your work professionally?
  18. @Brian Jones congratulations on getting your license. It’s one of those accomplishments that just feels great. Too often I forget it’s a big world out there and only look at issues from the perspective of the US. As I’ve aged I care less about things beyond my control and focus more on the things in my immediate surroundings. Going back through this thread I realized you’ve provided some great advise that certainly helps those in the EU. Good luck with your commercial endeavors and keep us informed with what your doing.
  19. A multiple choice exam that apparently you can't fail. So what is the point of the exam? Just to make sure you watched a video? What is the point of requiring insurance when the operator can just cancel the insurance after they receive their certificate? I'm not suggesting that people do that, just that having to show proof of insurance is kind of pointless.
  20. This is a very cool drone and I have no doubt that lovers of DJI will snap them up. But I don't see people who are into either aerial photography or FPV racing running out to purchase one. At 120Mb/sec , fixed f/2.8 aperture, 12MP camera is not very good for either stills or video and a big part of FPV racing is crashing, who in their right mind wants to crash a $1200-$1500 drone? You can buy four or five FPV racers that will leave thing thing in the dust and for the price you could build an FPV X8 and fly a real camera. Like I said a cool drone, but more evolutionary than revolution
  21. The wind is blowing right down runway 4 towards runway 22. The tetrahedron always point into the wind. The best runway would have been 22, but since its closed runway 18 is the next best choice with a quartering headwind and right cross wind. Runway 36 would give you a left quartering tail wind. So A is correct.