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  1. The Gamma shift is not really a phone issue, a PPRo or Resolve issue as much as it is how Quicktime deals with REC709. I'm sure PPRO can output REC709-a. This is a flag that sets the gamma correctly for anyone who views your content on a Quicktime device and doesn't effect it for anyone who isn't. Read these for more details: "Grading for Mixed Delivery: Cinema, Home, and Every Screen in Between" by Cullen Kelly https://blog.frame.io/2019/10/14/grading-mixed-delivery/ "How to Deal with Levels: Full vs. Video" by Dan Swierenga https://www.thepostprocess.com/2019/09/24/how-to
  2. It really depends on the nomenclature and how we're defining the market. That's why when we have these discussions I almost always recommend people read Crossing the Chasm. not only does Moore do an excellent job of explaining the technology adoption life cycle and gives lots of examples how it effects high tech market development, but it also provides a great vernacular so we can share an understanding on how the market is defined. Even though this is an older book, when talking about true growth for the commercial drone market, this book explores the required change in management to
  3. Great video! The editing, music, location are perfect and the flying is outstanding! The only suggestion is it appears your blacks are crushed. They are consistently crushed which would suggest it might be a calibration or QuickTime display issue. Of coarse viewing it on a cell phone isn’t a good way to evaluate color. But if your grading on a Mac, using Resolve and Rec709, there’s a Rec709-a QT flag in delivery that will set the gamma correctly. Nice job
  4. I have several new in the box 3DR SOLO gimbals and a Qx1. I don’t know if the Qx1 works with the gimbal. We also have new SOLOs but with the immanent grounding of DJI on Monday the local Naval base is interested in purchasing them and all the spare parts. Of coarse the SOLO is as Chines as the Phantom. So confusing... I’ll let you know what happens and if we decide to sell them.
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    Not quite sure what you asking for? Do you want to buy an off the shelf drone for R&D? The challenge is that DJI is a closed tightly vertically integrated system, which means that it’s very difficult to integrate non-DJI components on DJI drones or use DJI components on non DJI drones. It’s so bad that you can’t even use P3 batteries in a P4 or M200 batteries or cameras on an M300. A good alternative would be to use open source, ArduPilot. It is open and extensible. A novice can generally use an ArduPilot built drone out of the box but experts can modify it to integrate vario
  6. I don’t think it’s anything on our end. I have not had trouble pasting YouTube videos. It appears that you have to link to a specific video and not to a playlist. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/user/Av8Chuck/videos Direct link: Although the link doesn’t embed it still works. I’m guessing it works as designed.
  7. Oops, sorry. Just when I thought I was done... I realize that people generally don't agree with this, but HOBBYISTS ARE NOT DRIVING THE COMMERCIAL ADOPTION OF DRONES PERIOD! I know that people want to believe in the easy button and cheap but that's not the way markets grow. It has nothing to do with who has the best mousetrap, and everything to do with peoples eversion to the cheese. If anyone's really interested you should read Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. Its an oldie but a goody that explains the technology adoption life cycle and the hobbyists or techies role
  8. No, you are not required to have two way communication with the tower. That's the purpose of LAANC. They will give you a box and expect you to stay in it and they expect pilots to stay out of it. Probably not a bad idea if you have an aviation radio with you to monitor so you know where airplanes are located relative to your position. But, and this is a big but, if your not a pilot (and a 107 certificate does not make you a pilot) don't talk on that radio. I'm guessing that if they gave you up to 300ft your either on the up or down wind of the runway so planes should be about 10
  9. Yeah, NO.. Sure the concept that a large percentage of first responder drone programs started internally, usually with the assistance of an outside organization or donated equipment etc is valid but very few, if any, of the first responders are "hired" to run or operate the "drone" program. The other point I would take exception with is that 25% of drone programs start from the top-down. That might be true but those top-down programs probably account for the largest percentage of jobs which is a reversal from when this started. If you remember in 2014 the two big markets tha
  10. Gross! Great photography. I guess this is why you should wash your fruit...
  11. I think the point of the OP was whether to start your own or work for someone else. If your working as a contractor you are starting a business. I always recommend that people start out working "for" a company to not only gain experience with the UAV but also getting first hand experience with what it takes to run the business. Also, I'd be willing to bet that the realtor only wants to spend about $200 per house and is not willing to commit to more than one or two properties at a time. Kind of hard to grow a business without a serious commitment from customers.
  12. @Mojay+2 Everything that goes up, MUST come down. The risk is based on whether its under your control or not when it does. If your going to incorporate you should talk to an attorney. I'm not sure an LLC will provide you with the type of corporate vail you would need for this type of business. Also, its easy for realtors and car/yacht sales people to make this type of suggestion. I mean how hard can it be to shoot a couple of pictures or video with a $1200 toy drone? Its not about the drone its about the business. Ask them if they'd be willing to pay $750-$1000? How hard can
  13. I wasn't aware there's a difference when it comes to registration? That's a great question. My preference would be to register as a hobbyists. On one hand if you register for recreation, build your confidence and have the opportunity for a paying gig what do you do? Do it under the table or do you re-register it commercially? On the other hand if you register commercially you always have the choice to do either. All I know was that while I was learning to fly everyone gave you some latitude to screw up when over the radio you said those infamous words, "I'm a student pilot." I still
  14. Hi @Eddie Callender, some advice on how to get your questions answered quicker and on point. Tell others what your currently doing or hope to do. Like in this case what type of editing software are you using and why are you looking for different software. That will let us know where your coming from so that we can answer your question directly or point you to other resources that would help. For example I believe Jonathon and I use Davinci Resolve but if your just starting out I would not recommend starting with that software, there are other better NLE's out there that will meet your
  15. Never mind, either it was me or someone fixed it but they seem to work.
  16. In the REAL ESTATE section.. https://community.uavcoach.com/forum/18-property-real-estate-marketing/
  17. Welcome to the forum. Ive only been to Tennessee to view a factory to manufacture UAVs in Johnson City. Looks like a great place to live. Heres a video of our trip (mostly of the current factory).
  18. Welcome to the forum. Have you checked out the real estate thread? We have several threads discussing how to get started, produce, techniques etc., with quite an active group willing to provide advice. I recommend asking your questions in that thread.
  19. If your asking can you purchase a drone off the shelf that can do this, probably not. If your asking which drones can be modified to accomplish this, just about all of them. Trouble is you would have to develop, or find someone who could develop such a solution for you. We’ve built solutions that could track cattle based on temperature so they could cull the sick cattle from the herd. It really depends on the problem your trying to solve. Here’s a video about how we use UAVs to track the data of thousands of assets to prevent wildfires. The concepts are similar for tracking ca
  20. It’s really nice to see all of the new people joining the forum. Welcome. @Susan_Brakels, your company appears to be such a talented group. Great lighting, cinematography and content. Such a beautiful place to work. My wife just recently sold her Jag so I enjoyed your spot that included the F-Type. Really nice work.
  21. Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on passing your Part107 exam. It’s odd that it’s not a terribly difficult test to pass but you feel such a sense of accomplishment once you have. For film making a UAV is just another tool to add camera movement and get a different perspective. There are quite a few members here who produce various kinds of media for property videos, documentary, commercials, training etc.. This is a supportive community and it’s not all just about the drone. Feel free to jump into conversations and add new ones. One thing I ask is to not double post. I
  22. Hi Captain and welcome to the forum. Carter Caves looks like a great place to be. I would love to photograph a place like that. If you have pictures or videos you’d like to share there’s quite a few photographers and videographers on this site. It doesn’t have to be all about aerial. UAV Coach s a good “beginner” forum. Easy to navigate, people are friendly, the activity is, not sure of a politically correct way to put this, pretty slow which makes it nice to strike up interesting conversations. I’m guessing our members skew a little older, so the conversations are generall
  23. Welcome to the forum. Do you have any examples of your aerial cinematography you can share with us?