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  1. Starting a business based on using drones really isn't any different than any other business. Do all that you can to limit your liability, insurance, incorporating etc.. Do all of the things that Steve listed. But there are a million intangible details that if you haven't started or managed a small business before, you won't be able to get all the information online. This is one of those things that you just have to learn by doing before you can even recognize that you might be getting sound advice. I have a saying: "We live in a society where everyone knows how to do everything, but
  2. Do you subscribe to Lynda.com? They have some great tutorials. I'm sure if you've used AE at all they have a tutorial for using MOCA in AE that you could accomplish this in an hour or less. They also have Resolve tutorials but I have not used them.
  3. People often get hung up on features when choosing a drone rather than its ability to complete a mission. I think the Original camera is better than the camera that comes on the Phantom P3Pro but the drone itself is not as feature rich and is not as responsive while flying. But for simple aerial i just works great. For the price, reliability and the fact that it ISN'T a DJI, if it does what you need it to do its pretty hard to beat.
  4. Not sure if I remember how to stabilize in Resolve, but use a primitive, drag an ellipse around something that is easy to track, like the tree next to where you want to place the logo. Try tracking with perspective, once it tracks you can offset the logo from the track data and place the logo where you want it. Hope that helps.
  5. Sorry, I more replied to the responses and not your question. Almost everyone starts in drones as a hobby, I did, but there's a huge difference in flying drones as a hobby and using them professionally. Regarding your concern about why a farmer wouldn't want to do this themselves there's a lot of reasons they might, don't give them another one. If you show up to a job with a DJI anything and use an cell phone app like drone deploy, the farmer doesn't need you. He/she probably still do because non of this stuff works as advertised, but the farmer doesn't know that yet. If you want
  6. Legal is the reel fly in the ointment. But regarding your Part107, the person operating the drone doesn't have to have a Part107 certificate. That can be you or the instructor as long as your present and in a position to take control if necessary. The Part107 holder is responsible and is always the PIC.
  7. We have done a lot with first responders, probably more than most drone manufacturers. But we decided to not continue our support because of their business model. In CA they are generally funded by state, local and federal grants. Your ability to win business is not so much about having the right solution. Don't get me wrong, we have a great relationship with the people who had the hands on need. We worked major wildfires, search and rescue, radiological and biomedical hazards entering harbors, but you have to be a large DoD contractor to win enough business to provide serious solutio
  8. This might not be what you mean. We spend a lot of time and money promoting and supporting local High schools and universities in environmental studies and STEM curriculum development. If we're going to get qualified employees into this industry we're going to have to grow them.
  9. Congratulations. Its great to mentor young people, hopefully their enthusiasm will continue to grow and this will provide whatever opportunity towards a productive careen in aviation if that's what they choose. Keep up the good work.
  10. Curious, are you guys asking how they got permission to fly because you want to know so that you too can get permission to do something like this? Or are you trying to make another point? Very nice video. I hope you'll share more.
  11. We spoke to someone from Pix4D and DD, both helpful but maybe not as knowledgeable about how the photogrammetry process actually works. The focal plane of the camera has to stay perfectly parallel to the ground, GCP's can help when this isn't the case but in order to get the sort of accuracy that many people are claiming to get you need the camera on an encoded gimbal, a precision GNSS receiver and inertial sensor plus post process differential GNSS. Most drone manufacturers are focused on RTK when what's needed for that level of accuracy is PPK. And it wouldn't hurt to have an
  12. I thought the placement of the logo was really cool. I'm also impressed you grade with Resolve, I think that makes you an FX expert right there... Have you tried tracking with MOCA in After Effects? Although Resolve can track perspective It skids just enough to be noticeable, but I think its a classy look.
  13. Av8Chuck

    My UAV Build

    Sounds like your well plugged in. No one sells a regular Pixhawk, if by regular you mean what 3DR manufactured, all others are clones. I don't care about clones, but most of them have problems. AUAV manufactured the X2, which was a Plug-n-Play replacement for the Pixhawk. The PixRacer which uses the FMU4 and hopefully soon to be released X2.1, which is not the PixHawk 2.1 - the PixHawk 2.1 is actually an older design and I think uses the FMU2. If that's not confusing enough... I have about 20 of the X2's and a couple prerelease X2.1's. The X2's have been excellent, hopeing
  14. Its nice to see an aerial reel where the shots are as much about the photography than the flying. The only thing, and this is picky, your logo on the road is not well anchored to the ground. Great job.
  15. In no way was my comment in to Marcel's initial response negative towards this discussion. I pointed out that the originator of the video was making irrelevant claims and that this happens all the time on YouTube. When people take a Phantom [or similar type product] out of the box, hang out a shingle calling themselves a professional and tell others not to do it, that's what I find offensive. Do you think doing so is good natured or promotes community oriented behavior? Yes, my tone is now negative because I think you both are asking for an apology from the wrong person. If some
  16. The surveys we submitted where shot with a Sony A7rII and a Canon 5D3S, 40+ and 50 megapixel camera's with L glass. Not sure how many people are flying better camera's on a drone? I suspect that many are using Phantoms and Inspires and either aren't aware of the inaccuracies or accuracy doesn't matter. The issue for us was that there are too many variables to certify the output with those services.
  17. Norm, we've had similar experiences. Drone systems aren't accurate enough so they still require human intervention to tweak GCP's to get the level of accuracy required. The cloud services don't know, or not good at, or don't care to place the GCP's accurately enough to create good models. If the avionics on drones were accurate enough to not need GCP's then sending it to the cloud might make sense, but I think we're a few years from that sort of accuracy. We've been working with Bentley Systems on various projects. This was a scan of Glendale CA for the FBI to determine active shooter
  18. Really!? Actually the OP asked "The pilot put a disclaimer that reads "Do not operate drones within 400' of infrastructure. This Video filmed by professional media UAV pilot" It was not posted simply to share. My comments were addressing the legalities, in no way did I discourage sharing or open discussion. The number of posts on a forum hardly indicate the level of experience of the poster. Just saying.
  19. Hi Jay, Great service. Cold you insure drones weighing more than 15 pounds? Also what about the payloads? We often fly sensors that are in the tens of thousands of dollars.
  20. The problem isn't whether you can survey a field with a drone. Clearly you can, but is the data the drone gathers actionable by the farmer? Flying a field to do an NDVI has very limited value. Your scanning living organisms, even if you can fly a hyperspectral sensor over a vineyard and could tell the amount of sugar in every grape, an impressive task, would the farmer know what to do with the information? There are a lot of feedback loops that need to be developed before people start getting the kind of value from aerial data that has nothing to do with the drone.
  21. A lot of people recommend these solutions. We've tried all the ones mentioned here, we submitted identical images to all of these services and the resulting output were all different. Not only that we submitted the identical images to the same service and got different results. There seems to be a lot more to getting consistent, repeatable results than these service can provide.
  22. I've tried using PTGUI and Stitcher. Neither work well for Ortho-rectified mosaic. You might try ContextCapture [used to be Acute3D] from Bentley Systems. Pix4D is OK if your not looking for accuracy and most of the online systems like DroneDeploy and DataMapper don't give you enough control over ground control points to get accurate maps. They look good though... I'm looking for software that can give me an accurate high quality orthomosaic too.
  23. I purchased a X-Star premium and I'm glad I did. Camera is better than the Phantom 3Pro, you don't have to get permission from anyone to arm, it just works as advertised. The hobby-toy market is flattening out, its why DJI is trying to move into the commercial space. DJI seems to be trying to leverage their existing consumer value chain in the commercial market. The problem for DJI is that their current value chain is not capable of delivering order-of- magnitude benefits or creating sufficient barriers to entry to all but technology enthusiasts and hobbyists. In fact the more th
  24. Generally if there's an obstacle, like a crane within a certain distance to an airport or approach they will issue a NOTAM. So although its not on a sectional, it is "in the system." If its not in controlled airspace and no NOTAM is issued my guess is that if you remain close to the structure your probably OK to fly over it.