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  1. Hey Nick, What I normally do is send the client a proposal. Let's pretend it's for one morning sunrise shot of a construction site. In that proposal I put in the client name, date, when I will fly (if there are a range of dates based on the weather being good), pricing for the flight and a section on Rights. Under Rights it depends on the client - if it's real estate like a home, I just say the client retains the rights to use the footage and post it on whatever sites they wish as well as add whatever titles they need to in order to sell the home. I usually do that for them so they never
  2. Hey Jojo, have you looked at AirMap as a place to start? It gives a pretty good indication of airports, national parks, etc, that you can't fly in and should show you some areas you could drive to that would be open. Check the app store for AirMap or swing by airmap.com and it'll link you to where you can get it if you don't already have it.
  3. Hey thanks @Av8Chuck, great thoughts - totally agree - After reading a bit more it seems like they're still not set up for permits and you'd be taking a big risk. If it's not for work, I'd leave it behind unless you can get someone there to tell you that you can get a permit once you land in the country. Otherwise I wouldn't want the pressure of flying and not knowing what could happen with local authorities while I was vacation. If it is for work, keep pressing through the Civil Aviation channels to see if they can get you a permit. I recently flew in Ghana and there was a
  4. Hey Gio, Worse case, customs will not allow you in if they search your bag when you enter the country. If they take it you will get it back when you fly out of Kenya provided you go into and out of the same airport. Best case scenario, you go through customs and they don't check your bag at all and it's fine. It appears that they don't have a permit process right now, which means you can fly there without a permit as long as you follow the same rules we do here in the US. Kenya might have slightly different rules on altitude but for the most part, other countries rules are very close to
  5. great shots! I like how you cut it together too, it flowed it really well. I always wonder how long to make my real estate videos and I'm finding that I start repeating shots just because they were cool, then I go back through and realize that about 60 seconds is really all it takes. You did a good job of covering all the angles from high & low - well done!
  6. Hey all - awhile back, maybe a year or more ago I heard that if you update the Mavic Pro firmware it was locking people out of being able to fly even if you had permission to fly in those areas. I wasn't sure if everyone experienced that or not? I haven't updated my firmware in forever because I was afraid of that. I do a lot commercial work for architects and the local airport is super cool about giving permission over the phone, especially when I'm only doing 50-100ft AGL flights within 50-100 yards of the home point. (I'm part 107 certified as well) I recently got the Mavic Air and i
  7. Awesome! I'm just about to dive into it myself - do you guys have any idea how much you invested in it all? Should I set aside a whole week to do the online course, then another week of reviewing it all, or did you guys need less time? thanks!