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  1. Alan What is minimum age for the rec license to be considered??? Being an educator, would like to see 14 yrs old for a rec license, maybe even 12, but that's it. Can I apply to be a testing center at our high school for the new rec license? Matt Ernst Advisor, Taft Drone Club Advisor, Aiken Tech Club 513-319-0284
  2. Of course, polo shirt and hat ....can't wait to see the logo. Not a fan of the attached "history of flight"
  3. My Industry credential application already submitted to Ohio Dept of Education. Hope to hear the good news in Spring '18. I can start my drone classroom with the IC then move the full blown curriculum for 12 graduation points for SY '19-20.
  4. Mr. Carey I am applying to Ohio Dept of Education for an industry credential for a drone pilot license course for which high school students will receive graduation credit. Could you write a letter to ODE how important this credential is in creating jobs and preparing high school students. Thank you. Call me direct if you need more clarification. This letter in no way obligates you to CPS or hiring of any students. We need proof from employers that this is a worthy program. I am under deadline with this application so I need this submitted to me by 12/31/17.
  5. Gave my students an assignment to watch TV. To see if drones were being used to report the news or were being used in some way to help those in distress in Houston. Will let you know the results in two weeks when we meet again. Taft Drone club
  6. YAH---Whoooo I passed. What a relief!!! thank you Alan. Could not have done it without Drone Pilot Ground School. Getting ready for School startup and our first drone club meeting in late August. Lots to do, Its going to be a very busy year for the TAFT Drone Cub. Matt Ernst, M.Ed., A+ My Tomorrow Technology Technician Google Apps Certified Taft HS Drone Club direct cell 513-203-4576
  7. Taft IT High School completed their presentation at the 2017 Tech Olympics in Cincinnati, OH. Students did a very good job explaining an emerging technology and its uses in corporate and education settings.they even showed off some of their piloting skills in front of the judges.