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  1. Hi, sorry about the late response. I have not found a better alternative to the DJI Pilot App, unfortunately. So am super cautious about the flight times. I have no confidence in the app’s time estimate. Usually it is off by about 40% on the low side. It completely under predicts the flight time. So the best practice I have found is not to exceed a predicted 10 minute flight. That usually results in a 14 - 16 minute flight, depending on env. Conditions, and you can return back before the M200 starts to act erratically due to low battery and weaker RC connection. Let me know if you come u
  2. I have worked in the environmental compliance arena for many years. The first lesson I leaned early on is to ‘ make compliance easy’ both for the regulated and for the regulators. We spent many hours interpreting regulations only to find out that the newbie regulators had not been trained and misinterpreted their own requirements. The UAV Coach article appropriately calls us, the drone community, to action. I am also concerned about 2 additional consequences of the proposed FAA rule: who at FAA will analyze the voluminous data and at what rate will that happen? In the environmental world,
  3. Thank you! Update: my M200 is being repaired, DJI has discounted the repair slightly. DJI has not responded to the data I sent about erroneous flight time on Pilot app. I want to trust the DJI Pilot software, but the software has some issues, so as part of a sharing community let us share problems and solutions. This is how technology wil improve for us all!
  4. marty Laporte 9月21日 CST07:37 Hello UAV Coach community, A colleague and I have been having issues with the DJI Pilot App. I was instructed by DJI tech support to reinstall the DJI Pilot app because they made changes to it. I reinstalled, tested manually before the autonomous flight. My plan for the autonomous flight (fig1) showed me that it should take 12 minutes. I started with 98% batteries. However, my starting (12:32pm) and ending (12:48pm) images indicate that the incomplete flight (fisg ) was more than 16 minutes. Consequently my ba
  5. Thank you Chase. At some of my sites, I am flying in relatively high winds, so am using the M200. I am in the process of gathering and analyzing data and am pretty confident that the workflow I have developed will be helpful for managing water leaks. The DJI Pilot software has its issues, but with time I think better options will be available.
  6. Hi all I have a Brand new, Excellent condition (bought in October 2018) Zenmuse XT2 13mm, 9Hz, 360X256 for sale. I bought the wrong resolution for my project. Asking $5250, BO, paid $5,700. If interested please contact Marty
  7. Thanks so much for sharing! This is perfect for me! I am using ArcGIS for projects and having the airspace map in the same format is fabulous! I have been using and like that too.
  8. Thanks, but I have the XT2, not the Duorpro. But will check mission planner.
  9. Season’s Greetings! i am looking for assistance with the best app to use (other than DJI Pilot app) for autonomous flights and making maps using the ZENMUSE XT2. Until now, I have been using the Pix4D Capture and Mapper apps, but unfortunately, PIX4D does not support the XT2. So, although this seems like a simple question, I cannot get an answer so far from DJI. I feel you are using the XT2 what app are you using to capture the thermal imagery? What app are you using to process it? Thank you, Marty
  10. No Pilot app yet for Matrice on iOS. I am using the xt2pro app, which works ok. The XT2 thermal camera is awesome! Flir has been very helpful with questions. DJI ‘help’ has been utterly dismal! Phone and online help have very poor understanding of the battery issues. In fact, I just had to replace my recently replaced 2 new batteries! I just got the replacements last week, after waiting more than 2 weeks. When I spoke with the DJI staff on the phone Ed that I expect the 6-month warranty to start when I actually get working batteries, he said that is not the case and warranty goes back t
  11. No Pilot app yet for IOS. There is a new version DJI GS Pro on apple App Store, though.
  12. AV8Chuck, thank you for sharing. Agree with you completely. I attended the Silicon Valley AUVSI chapter yesterday and discussion topic was safety on all fronts, including manufacturers.