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  1. That is for flying outside, and it is set at around 50 meters on my controller. This is different...and from what I am gathering reading other sites this is something that DJI needs to address. When flying indoors with no GPS it will go to Atti Mode, using the sensors to stay stable. But say if you fly under a skylight, the GPS signal can come back in and start messing with the mode. And there is no way to turn off GPS mode. That of course is apart from the 15ft height limit, but both issues need to be addressed.
  2. I purchased a Mavic Pro, and for some reason it doesn't go higher than 15ft when indoors. It does a good job of maintaining control, but I was doing a factory shoot the other day and it would have been great if I could have gone higher with it. Do you know of any drones that are good indoors with the ability to fly higher than the Mavic? It really helps to have the position sensors since in factories the air flow can change considerably and maintaining control is of utmost importance. I doubt there is a workaround with the Mavic itself. Any advice you have would be much appreciated!