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  1. Thanks for your advice Ecurbh. I agree with you and am leaning that way. I haven't had anyone say anything negative about the 4 pro +. Thanks again
  2. Thanks so much for the advice Steve,much appreciated. I sure like the phantom for pro plus, and it looks like they will still continue that. I do appreciate the feedback since I am just getting into this. Thanks again
  3. Hi Ralphy Welcome aboard, I am also a newbie and this is my first post. I am in the same situation trying to figure out what's going on and posted about buying a phantom 4+ but haven't had any responses yet. I'm located in North central part of Washington state about 15 miles from the Canadian border . I am surrounded by a wilderness area on one side and national forest on the other. Like you I am looking forward to interacting with other peopl like you I am looking forward to interacting with others.
  4. I am looking at purchasing the 4 Pro + plus but somewhat concerned reading some of the comments on the forum about the production stoppage of the phantom 4's ( not the plus ) I still feel this will be a great drone for me, and after reading some of the post feel DGI will continue to support the plus. Would it be better if I wait and see what they come up with Or look at others Could you please advise me on my this? thanks for any advice