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  1. filled this out for you, just a note insurance is incorrectly written as "insurence" in the section on drone usage on page 1.
  2. Welcome @Fast Riser, You have found a great place to learn and ask questions on your journey to a commercial enterprise.
  3. Welcome @Tim123 you've come to the right place, please become active and let us know your questions you'll find this a community with a lot of communal knowledge covering a variety of aspects in and out of drones!
  4. Hey Just got a not ice in the email box a few days ago for all of you utilizing Drone Deploy and their sweet software set. They will holding their own conference in November for Drone Deploy users. It should be a great networking opportunity as well as a chance to learn from industry experts the tips, tricks, and best practices to generate the best maps for a variety of industries. Ill post some more information here when i have the sign up info for those of you in the San Fransisco area it is local, or for those of you who would travel to learn from the people in touch with Drone Deploy.
  5. @dbark I use a class 10 64 GB SDHC in my phantom 3 standard with no issues.
  6. Hey @Doug Baker Sorry for being late to the party i have been out of town. There is a Gimbal trim (or in this case i believe it will be labeled roll) in the settings in the upper right hand corner of the app if you go through the gimbal menu you should see an option to control the roll of the camera. You will want to make sure the drone is on a level surface and that you have a level line the camera can see as well (either draw a line with a level or use a laser), than adjust until the camera looks level with that level line.
  7. Very interesting concept, also very scary must look into the fine print on this to see all the details but is definitely intriguing.
  8. Welcome, @Cecil, ooo the hubsan is a great little drone to learn on! You've come to a great place, you'll find lots of helpful information in the forums on 3D photgrammetry, orthomosaics, and volumetric mapping!
  9. Hey @William, I am a secondary level educator in the sciences and i also develop curricula, we have a great new course at our school and were able to get a great deal from a 3DR liquidator that had some bundles for IRIS+ kits that may serve your purpose not sure how much you have raised to invest in this but i was able to get ten drones, extra batteries, chargers, remotes, and other things for $4000. here is the site : if you reach out to them you can tell him that Scott from Keefe Tech gave you his information. It is first come first serve and they also offer a variety of bundles. And amazon is also a great choice and most schools should have a procurement account on amazon now so the ordering should be easy. Blue Skies and Safe Flying,
  10. Just got an email from them about the camera and thought you all might enjoy this and possibly find it useful!
  11. As usual very on top of things thanks @olesailor
  12. Hey @Juggernaught maybe try this in the DIY section as well to see if they know.
  13. Welcome @Ray Woodbury Great to have you here! Blue Skies and Safe Flying,
  14. Very true in my experience there is nothing potential, it always causes and issue, so ensure you fully close down DJI GO. Hopefully there API will play nicely someday but until then this can be an issue.
  15. Welcome @Alex Mwaura, Great to have you here! Let us know what tips you pick up along the way and what questions you run into!