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  1. @dbark I use a class 10 64 GB SDHC in my phantom 3 standard with no issues.
  2. Very true in my experience there is nothing potential, it always causes and issue, so ensure you fully close down DJI GO. Hopefully there API will play nicely someday but until then this can be an issue.
  3. Welcome @Alex Mwaura, Great to have you here! Let us know what tips you pick up along the way and what questions you run into!
  4. @Davidcbro This depends on a few things, The main one is do you have any experience with editing videos? If the answer is yes than you will have a base understanding of the concepts and most of the learning will just be how to apply said concepts via the blender program (this would not be too bad as it is just learning the keystrokes and button locations as well as some of the mechanics inside of blender). I can point you to some very helpful you tube instructional videos on video editing in blender. These will actually teach you about the basic concepts in video editing if you have never done
  5. Great Topic, and even better discussion! I know i will be an outlier here but i will offer up what i use: BLENDER. Blender is an open source, and free, 3D modeling, Animation, rendering program with its own built in clip editor as well as a fully functional non linear video editor. I have used this since 2004 for everything from designing and skining/rigging 3d models to putting together my videos, and even post processing of images or videos. You can get it at Final cut and the others that are focused solely on video editing will most likely be better choices for mo
  6. Nice this is a feature i didnt know was on here
  7. @Scott Grimm It would really depend on the rig you are using, @Uaviator53 is right in that most of the consumer products do not have variable zoom, though on higher end Matrix rigs or customs builds it is possible, it may even be possible with the gopro and 3DR solo (not sure if some go pros have zoom, but 3DR worked to have full control available while mid flight). In terms of moving the camera yes most of the ones meant for video and photography will have a 2D or 3D motorized gimbal that functions to both stabilize the shot, as well as to provide the ability to move the cameras direction mid
  8. I would hope the remote frequencies set for explosive channels are far and away from public use channels set by the FCC. This may be a more involved search going through the specifications of each device with its transmitter and receiver to ensure there is 0.0% chance of an erroneous signal or interference.
  9. @PGlidden Indeed a much in demand service with a market that should grow very well in the next decade as third party repairs will become even more needed with the increase in usage and mileage of drones. Echoing what @Alan Perlman said about pricing, i would suggest getting up a simple website as soon as you can even if it is a holder page with minimal information it will help perspective clients to view you as a legitimate option for their service and repairs. this will also help you to start to generate some leads if you can capture emails for newsletters or even just having your contact in
  10. It is really a damage mitigation system, that is to say if you reach the point of the parachute deploying you are far beyond worrying about crashing... that is now happening, even worrying about the tree and power line is actually secondary (while landing in a soft field would be nice, it is no longer the primary concern). If you are in a situation in which the parachute needs to deploy you are actually attempting to reduce the risk of a fatal or traumatic injury to yourself, onlookers, and non participants (the second level is damage to the drone / and property, but i would rather reck a dron