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  1. hey @GMillsNC take a look at some of these suggestions
  2. Simply put yes, it seems to be a situation where the company decided to cut off above this as a way to reduce risk to them. Cant say i fully understand it but there could be a myriad of reasons as to why they decided to do this.
  3. Hi Bob, Hang in there, with lots of practice the controller will become easier. My biggest suggestion is to focus on certain aspects and intentionally practice those one at a time. Try flying in a box with just the right stick until you feel comfortable, then add in a little more complexity! Blue Skies and Safe Flying,
  4. This was also done intentionally as a manner of controlling momentum exchange. The sin wave pattern of the flight is designed to take advantage of the power when it has sun and can charge its batteries and reach its cruising altitude, then when the sun goes away it is able to gain that potential energy back by slowly drifting down, this gives it more kinetic energy which is than transferred into lift while also reducing the power needed from the batteries as gravity is providing the assist. Hydrogen has not gone away but we no longer rap it in highly flammable painted fabrics like in the Hindenburg (it was a chemical issue with the paint that actually caused the larger issue). We have Hydrogen powered cars but the trade off is the metal containers are heavy. Funny that the pattern of flight they used comes from the natural tendency of weather balloons to travel up in the day and down at night due to changes in the density of the air inside the balloon.
  5. Ah ok @Princeofdrones so the general sequence is to start the RC transmitter first then to power up the drone, this should bind the two together, then connect your device via the cable or wifi. To shut down power the motors down then turn the drone off and finally turn the RC transmitter off. Blue Skies and Safe Flying.
  6. Nailed it! That is a pass for me very smooth sir... Congratulations cc @Alan Perlman Hey Alan have a pilot here ready for a certificate.
  7. Hi @Princeofdrones, Not sure what you mean by sequence, safety checks or engine start sequence. To add symbols and words most people will use some sort of graphic image manipulation program. Photoshop etc, here is one that is free and open source if you do not have any other.
  8. Hey @Captain Jack, You've found a great place to get some knowledge, take a little dig through the forums too see if any of these wonderful questions have been answered. If you are interested in operating in the us take a look at it is our course designed to prepare you to take and pass the FAA aeronautical knowledge exam. I have seen projections that incomes for new pilots can be near $40,000, and those willing to travel can be much higher, there is also the opportunity to work for yourself, or for a larger company, both will have an effect on income and quality of life. Blue Skies and Safe Flying.
  9. Try that second one out again and you should be good!
  10. Hey @FlyingRaider, it sounds like what he is talking about is a fail safe installed by the company in their software. It does not sound like he actually tested the feature out himself to see if he could take off. The idea is sort of like the geofencing that is built in around airports that will not let you take off if you are too close. It is a limitation but it really only comes into play if you are working high above see level (5280ft is a mile, so at 8000 you are up there), and in mountainous regions.
  11. Welcome @hernanbrue, Glad to have you here, check out the DIY sections as well for some useful information on builds and repairs!
  12. Hey @mworden, So Great have you here, a lot of people are looking into drones as a new career avenue so you are in good company there. Always not a bad idea to take one of the smaller, and much less costly drones out to make sure you feel comfortable with the flight dynamics. As to the Phantom 4 it can reach 45 mph in 0ver 20 mph wind so it will be able to cut through, albeit still being pushed by the wind, however to reach its top speeds you'll need to be in the more advanced flight mode which is a lot more sensitive. Most of all the big thing to remember is this is going to take practice, practice, practice. Blue skies and safe flying,
  13. Hey @FlyByDroning, Not bad for a first attempt, i would like to see a little more focus on the throttle control. You really want to be able to keep the drone at a near constant altitude, not letting it drop or raise really more or less than a foot from the initial height that you took off. Good job, Blue skies and safe flying!
  14. Welcome @GMillsNC, I feel you it hit 100 yesterday in MA, and boats or cap cod is sounding great right now! Blue skies and safe flying,
  15. So this is pretty cool check out the little video, Facebook among other tech giants are designing drones that will be able to operate on solar power to stay aloft for months at a time providing rural areas reliable internet access. Whats even cooler is that Facebook has no intention of running the drones but instead is looking to give the plans to the local governments that would be running the drones. Always great to see how people are pushing the limits of drones to further increase the good for humanity!
  16. Totally agree here i think there are some great opportunities to expand and create new areas for the forums, How tos sounds great, i know a lot of people would love an educational section as well, keep those ideas flowing and we will work to get them into operation! @Air One as always you are a big help!
  17. Yes they are lowering the back log of exemptions by going through and seeing if they are covered under part 107 exclusively, this is the one i was sent, Hopefully this doesn't put anyone out any money i prepared mine myself but i know others have literally spent thousands of dollars on these. They will autochange your 333 to a waiver if it is still needed.
  18. Welcome @Charlie Echo, Were are very excited to have you here as part of the community. Blue Skies and Safe Flying.
  19. Hey @CalEl, What questions do you have in regards to part 107? You may want to take a look at the faq page here
  20. cc @Alan Perlman Just in case you didnt see this Alan
  21. Welcome @Firedawg, Great to have you here, im sure you'll find lots of like minded people here, let us know if you have questions!
  22. Fantastic @Karjoy55, Keep flying, Practice,Practice, Practice! Let us see some photos or videos if you ever get up to that. Blue Skies and Safe Flying
  23. @sk8lvr, Glad to be of some assistance! Blue skies and Safe Flying!