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  1. True but that vibration will also manifest in the flight mechanics, @mconcialdi are you having any hover or stability issues while this is happening? Always a good idea to ensure you have properly check the balance on your props prior to flight, may be an easy fix, may not be the issue, but good to check.
  2. ah free time, great to explore other interests and hobbies!
  3. HI @Karjoy55 Welcome to the community so great to have you here! how was the class you took, did you like it , learn any cool tips and tricks. Blue Skies and Safe Flying,
  4. hey @sk8lvr Quick check here but if the sd card holds the info it should be in the camera slot of the drone and the remote connected to perform the update. Give that a try and let me know if it helps.
  5. ooooo exciting going to have to take a closer look at these!
  6. Hi @Deano, great to have you here! What sort of ROV were you operating previously? Blue Skies and Safe Flying!
  7. @Tony Rushing, I am not sure as to the exact issue hopefully someone else on here may have seen this and dealt with it but if not here are my first couple of suggestions: 1) remove the dji go app completely and reinstall (if you run any third party apps litchi, etc you will want to ensure they are not running in the background and test if that is the issue first). Next make sure that all of the firmware and software is updated on the controller, the drone, and your device. Let us know if this helps.
  8. Hi @scottyrunyan, The course is looking like it will be live at sometime in August as we are working to complete the final touches on We are very excited for the course as well!
  9. Welcome @jpalamaro, Never to late or to old to start something new and you have definitely come to the right place to help you along your way, Blue Skies and Safe Flying
  10. @FlyByDroning Oh yes very much so! You still have to exercise some control over the throttle to keep her steady as you perform the maneuvers.
  11. @FlyByDroning, Yes Atti or attitude mode is DJI's general version of manual controls, it will still use a built in altimeter to attempt to maintain altitude, how ever you are controlling the angle of attack (the attitude) of the drone with the controls. This will not provide any momentum control (stopping automatically to hover) Meaning if you press forwards the drone will conserve that momentum and continue to move in that direction until you give it an input to change its course.
  12. Welcome to the community @StealthFX4, Take a look at the forum sections on creating a business, and take a look at the other sections for advice on what models may work best for you. If you have specific questions toss them in and you'll most likely get an answer from the community that will help you out.
  13. I would be hard pressed to think that there is a significant enough volume displacement from those props to create a Schlieren effect (this is like the waves you see above a road in the middle of the desert). I would have to say the most likely culprits will be the lens, the CMOS (or other sensor) or possible some interference present in the wireless signal.May want to take a look at your user manual to see what settings you can change on the camera itself.
  14. Nice Thanks @Lewis@IcarusAerials any idea about the loss of detail due to any compression algorithms ( compressing the file size you are uploading) used in a cloud based system? Meaning is their a noticeable difference in the cloud based service which may compress the data to upload it, as opposed to running the application on a local rig?
  15. wow... just wow. pretty sure that his puts to shame everything ive ever done. Very well composed and edited beautifully. Love the shot at 1:53. At the beginning i felt like i was watching an episode of game of thrones. Portugal is definitely on my list of places that need to be visited!
  16. I wouldn't think that most Gimbal or landing guards would void the warranty as most of them clip on to the existing structure without need for modification. However if you had to modify the drone extensively than it is possible. Except for the added weight it shouldn't affect he flight dynamics too much.
  17. Hey @New Pilot, Sorry if you are feeling ignored; if you would like to link the video in the post you will get a lot more views and i have found that our members our quick to comment, and give suggestions. If you are wondering how to link the video you can copy the URL from the you-tube page of the video directly into your post and it should auto-format it in line with your post. This will make it easier for the members, and honestly greatly increases the chances of someone stopping and taking time out of their day to watch the video.
  18. Hey @fififoufou, Welcome to the community! Let us know how things go along the way, feel free to ask any questions or tell us any ideas you discover along your path. And please share some great shots from Paris!
  19. Hey @Release The Drone, Pretty good start there, i would like to see a little tighter control on the throttle as you are moving laterally from your left to your right it is dropping quite a bit. Try to keep the drone at a fairly set altitude say 10 feet off of the ground, never letting it get 2 feet above or below that as you are performing the maneuvers.
  20. @Davidcbro This depends on a few things, The main one is do you have any experience with editing videos? If the answer is yes than you will have a base understanding of the concepts and most of the learning will just be how to apply said concepts via the blender program (this would not be too bad as it is just learning the keystrokes and button locations as well as some of the mechanics inside of blender). I can point you to some very helpful you tube instructional videos on video editing in blender. These will actually teach you about the basic concepts in video editing if you have never done it before. I would say the best way is to get out there and start editing, your first one is going to be terrible... its alright because that next one will be better and the third one will be even better. As long as you stick with it, try new things, and pay attention to what works and what needs to be tweeked each time you edit a new video you will continue to improve. take a look at this series for more info
  21. Very nicely done! Love the covered bridge and sunset.
  22. Have you ensured the 3s battery matches the energy (mAH) as well as the potential (voltage)? From my understanding the real issue with a single cell versus multiple cells is the charging side of things.
  23. Sorry to be late to the party but glad to hear you have resolved it, let us know if you have any other issues like this i know of some issues caused by the DJI app not closing and having some threads running in the background, this can mess with the video if you are running third party issues. @New Pilot just want to say that the phantom 4 is controlled by an RC transmitter, the camera settings and other advanced features are accessible through the app; however the app is not necessary to control the flight mechanics on the phantom. To be fair to cell phones almost all of the technology that is utilized in them, micro cameras, 6 degrees of freedom accelorometers, GNSS/GPS devices the size of a penny has made the sUAS that we see available today possible.
  24. This should be complete.