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  1. This should be complete.
  2. Here is an update as of 1 minute ago... looks like they may take affect in August. @Alan Perlman
  3. Very excited to have you here and to help you on your quest for drone knowledge.
  4. Just a quick point out here, it is my understanding that the AMA insurance would become null and void for any such commercial operation as it is meant to protect model aircraft users and not commercial entities.
  5. So from the reading i have been doing this morning it looks as if the FAA is planning to release the finalized NPRM Part 107... On Tuesday the 21st of June. This means that tomorrow could very well change the landscape of the UAV industry in the united states. Here is one of the articles i have been perusing to find out more information: For those of you pending a 333, or waiting to see this could be a very exciting day that will help to lower your barrier of entry into the commercial UAV marketplace. Keep in mind this is still the federal government and the pace of implementation may be slow (several months or more). There is a lot to be done to set up new test and structure the licensure process. The nice thing is they have an infrastructure in place that already does digital tests for aeronautical knowledge, so this should help to speed up the process. If you are looking to do more than your typical sUAS operation (night flights, beyond VLOS, above 500 feet, over 55 lbs, there will still be a 333 exemption process for these more advanced operations. But most of your boiler plate operations and pre approved FAA blanket COA drones will be able to operate under the guidance and rules set forth in part 107. Cheers, and get ready to do some great flying! cc @Alan Perlman
  6. Welcome @wjules! Sounds like you have a great background that will have a lot of transferable skills! Keep those questions coming, and keep flying!
  7. Welcome to the community @Tony Rushing! So glad to have you here, jump right on in with any questions you have, and share your photos and videos.
  8. Welcome @Joshua Carillo, So great to have another commercial pilot aboard! Really great to here about your passion, how are the regulations in regards to sUAS in Brazil? Love to see some of your work. Cheers and keep flying.
  9. Welcome @Jston70, Very exciting! Let us know if you have any questions or run into problems that you need help with, and we all love a good drone video. So feel free to share! Keep Flying!
  10. I had a question on utilizing the cloud base software and cloud computing, Have you noticed any issues with accuracy due to the compression algorithms they use to compress the data for transfer? I was talking with someone familiar with the GIS world and they mentioned this to me, i had not even thought of this being a potential precision/accuracy issue.
  11. @Justin So great to hear a parent is taking such an initiative as to help produce such applicable and high quality programs. I develop curricula for STEM education, as well as consult for companies, schools, and municipalities on drone integration, applications, and regulation. If you, the administration, or the teacher run into any questions please feel free to reach out to me on here or via my website . I am more than glad to give you pointers and ideas; we have a curriculum developed if you want to look a that, but it does not need to be so formal. glad to help out where i can.
  12. Very cool would love to hear more about this!
  13. Welcome @niallduncan, Glad to have you here, nice to here about your license! Great to here you are so willing to give your sage advice.
  14. Would you mind posting the link to the video in a reply here so that everyone can see it more easily.
  15. @New Pilot would you do us a favor and place the link to the video here in a post, it should sync nicely and let us play it from here!
  16. Welcome @Snobird, Very excited for you, the waiting is the worst part! Let us see your work when you get it!
  17. Nice work, smooth flight, good throttle control to keep your altitude fairly steady. It is a pass for me! cc @Alan Perlman
  18. Welcome @Michael Zafirov, Great to have a high school student interested and involved in the world of drones! So great to see that you are a maker as well! You will find lots of like minded, friendly and willing to help people on here. Let us know what questions you have or any tips you discover while flying. Keep Flying!
  19. Great share here, In case you haven't seen this the FAA has a list of over 1300 pre-approved drones that will not require you to file an amendment to your existing 333 request/exemption.
  20. Great, looking forward to getting your insights on this matter!
  21. Wow, one of those things you never really consider happening but is a must, maintenance of the global positioning satellite network! Great Find, all of you on the West coast of CA, US, and possibly Mexico will want to take a look and plan accordingly, May mean some great forced ATTI mode practice! As Usual, Great work @Spitfire76!
  22. Great @Trevorm, glad to hear you are happy and having a good experience. For future reference, as some names are even longer than mine if you use the @ symbol and then start typing a name it should bring up a drop down list of members names that you can pick from, this will save time typing but will also notify that user that they have been brought up in a conversation. Cheers and keep flying!
  23. Hey Wendy, sorry to hear about the issues, ill look into the waypoint requirements on litchi for you, as to the lights the yellow lights should be an indication that you are in f mode, however they also use the lights as a signal, i believe a blinking yellow on the back lights indicates either Atti or F mode. Ill have to double check in the user manual. have you changed the low battery warning setting through the DJI go App? if so than that might be the low battery warning, if not than it should be at 30% by default. I would suggest doing a dedicated test flight with the dji go app to test how the waypoints are working in that and to see if you can replicate the lights and beeping. dont go to high as this is a test flight and you are attempting to ensure there is nothing wrong.