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  1. DOP is a director of 818a is what you recommend for starting off as a newbie before I do anything ...U818A Wifi FPV Drone with Altitude Hold and HD Camera.....I'm doing this myself and not for a studio, although the ultimate aim is to hire out myself as a freelancer to a production co.
  2. Hi all, I'm a DOP in stills and TV commercials with many years experience ... I'm learning basic techniques on a 818a and plan to move up the steep learning curve of a ladder to use a serious drone for studio use and time lapse exterior. After I gain experience / license etc. My plan is to have a good "Jobbing" camera (Dji pro 4 ?) and hire the bigger rigs to lift a camera such as a Red or a Nikon D4... any I barking up the wrong tree? Any thoughts much appreciated as it's an expensive venture no matter what...
  3. Just to introduce myself on this forum... I'm a DOP in stills and film starting at the very bottom rung of the ladder in aerial...looking forward to it!