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  1. @R MartinThanks for that. I did pass the practice test (barely), but just think more info is always a good thing to have.
  2. When supplying practice test results it would be helpful to provide all 60 of the questions and answers rather than just the incorrect ones. There were a few questions I guessed on, and if I happened to guess right, I won't know that I need to study up on those topics. In future practice test, I now know to take note myself of topics I'm not-so-certain on, but it would be helpful to have that all laid out in the summary review. Thanks!
  3. Fair enough. But as far as getting practice so I can get demo reel footage on day 1, sounds like that's all good with notice.
  4. Non-commercial flights do not require any certification, right? So how much of a grey area am I in if, as I get ready to take the Part 107 exemption, I fly a sUAS for practice only in class G space so I can be ready to shoot commercially on day one? What about using any footage I gather during those practice sessions for a demo reel?
  5. Thank you for clarifying! "Unless charted", that's what I missed.
  6. Came across the attached question on a quiz in the course and am wondering if someone can help me understand my mistake. The course defines Class C as "generally from surface to 4,000 ft AGL." The outer ring in the image shows 41/13, so I thought that meant 1,300 ft AGL. Does the outer ring always represent MSL? Am I not seeing a notation that tells me it's MSL? Something else? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks, @Steve Bennett. I haven't yet. I meant that I'm excited to be adding it once I complete the course and pass the exam.
  8. Greetings all. I'm a freelance videographer and DP from Madison, Wisconsin. Very excited to add aerial footage to my arsenal.