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  1. Great, thank you for the responses so far! It was my original question, thank you Alan for posting. I am planning on using coordinates so I can bring the point cloud created into programs like CAD/Revit/Navisworks accurately and I don't mind learning software, so I guess that leans me towards Pix4D. However, I like the tools that users get access to on Drone Deploy when I share the project. I like the more advanced tools in Pix4D, but I also need to share with the masses that will not be as tech savvy and allow them to do basic things like view, measure, and notate. If anyone else has any other feedback or suggestions please share. Thank you.
  2. I finally got a call after submitting an airspace authorization form two months ago. The initial call earlier this week was to clarify the radius I needed and altitude. He said he may only be able to get an approval for 50'. I asked him to try for at least 150' since the building I plan to capture is at least 6 stories tall, but I said I'd take it if that's all he could get. I got a call back yesterday and he stated he could only get the 50' approved. I'm in Boston class B airspace and unfortunately the grid max altitude that everyone has been talking about, but has not been released to the public, is basically at 0-50' within a 5 mile radius of Logan. He said that he has sent in 50 requests and only 2 have been approved and they were both for a government agency, so I guess I should be thankful I got anything at all. In the initial call he did mention the possibility, similar to a previous poster, of having to call someone at tower before and after flying. I figured since I will be flying in the area only once every 2-4 weeks that would be perfectly reasonable with a higher altitude approval. I guess they thought differently. Again, I'm happy for getting any approval at all, but it certainly is frustrating that its so difficult to follow the rules and get approvals for what you need.
  3. How long did it take to get the approval? I'm a little over two weeks on one right not and have not heard anything.
  4. I submitted an authorization to fly in Class B airspace about two weeks ago. I have not heard anything back yet which I was expecting since I think it can take up to 90 days. My question is if I should have received a confirmation email? Anyone know if they send an email when you submit the application or if there is a way to check the status of a request? Thanks.