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  1. Great post Bill - this is the way photography as a business used to be when I was coming up in the 70s. My point about Getty and Corbis was that for a small guy it is virtually impossible to enforce copyright violations. Even if you look at court filings by Getty and Corbis there are virtually none and last I checked a few years ago there had been no awards. And to your point, the tools that they use and the staff they deploy is as far as I know well beyond an individual. I do agree, don't steal - after all if you want your work to be valued then you have to value the work of others.
  2. Hi - I have been involved with production and copyright since the mid-70s. Copyright is an old model, it was developed to protect sheet music, films and other things that had recurring value. Very often the copyright holder was also the promoter - ie he didn't make a dime unless he sold tickets or whatever. It evolved with photography - go negotiate with Corbis or Getty and you will see how specific it can get. Print, billboard, 1 month, one year, unlimited, US, worldwide and on. But keep in mind that is a picture that is done and probably been approved internally. In many cases it is che