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  1. Alan, During my long winded "Open Invitation" the next you're passing through Chicagoland, I guess Inforgot to mention that we have about 4-5 of these in our fleet, and by all means if you ever make it up here, I'll make certain to have multiple batteries charged and ready for you to enjoy a truly excellent UAV. Regards, FlySafe Chicago (312) 838-2340
  2. I agree, and it would be really great if you could share those "Wizard" notes too! Took mine out for the first time yesterday, looked at it for a minute or two, and then tucked it nicely back in the case. I do know for sure there is a "Binding" process, and in the directions for doing so, it said that if the process fails repeat until it's bound. That was about exactly the point when I said Yeah? No. Not today, at least.
  3. Drone Guy, I don't know how much help this might offer, other than a potential light at the end of the tunnel, But I did see a Thermal Imaging Solution designed to work with both the YUNEEC TYPHOON H & the YUNEEC Q500 UAV's. I am also fairly certain that the Camera & Multi-Axis Gimbal that was in the final stages of production were essentially the same. I say that because in looking at the price breakdown of each of the bundles that I had been comparing, the prices for that line item was the same. Having said that, Inuave absolutely no idea where on the net I did see it, but I will look back through the last month or two of my computers entire history, and see if I can find it that way. Regards.