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  1. Yeah I know. I already have it in my mind that I'm going to have to travel a little distance just to get to an area where I can fly. I'm ok with that though.
  2. Thank you!! I just received my Mavic yesterday and can't wait to get out and fly it. It's been a bit windy here lately so it may be awhile before I get to go test it out.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a newbie to the drone world. I started to take an interest in them sometime last year. Since then I have completely immersed myself in information surrounding the commercial uses of it. I am currently studying for my remote pilot exam and I have also just purchased my first (other than my mini drone) drone, the Mavic pro. I am excited to be apart of a community such as this and look forward to learning and growing within in this new and exciting market.