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  1. Thank you for the response. I believe they just changed the name. From "Pro" to Plus
  2. Thank you for the insight Bill. That sounds like a pretty failsafe plan but I'll have to work up to that level. ha Another question pertaining to transferring files to Dropbox- I use an SD card currently for saving video from the I2. I can go into the playback screen when I'm all wired up and powered on and the video is true and clear. Also, I can take the SD card out, put it in my computer and play the file just fine with the same clarity H.265 (1080p)mp4. I can even import the file onto my computer and get the same result. soon as I upload the same file to Dropbox. The quality
  3. Thank you both for the response. I know this is mostly case to case but how much storage space do you find yourselves utilizing? Also, I've set up my Dropbox and life is much smoother now.
  4. Hello Team! I'm very curious to know the best way/methods for picture & video storage that enables access to your work seamless on any device for editing/sharing purposes. There are a lot of options out there! Thank you in advance!