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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the recommendation. I'll look into Map Pilot. The site I'm mapping is around 175 acres, though I do have a clear line to the drone from where I am with the controls. Is Map Pilot good for larger maps that take more than one battery to fly them? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I flew a mission at a construction site today where I used Pix4DCapture for mapping and Litchi for video and still non-mapping shots. When I got back to my office I realized that Pix4D had not recorded any images to the sd card while Litchi recorded both video and stills fine. I've been using Pix4D for almost 6 months now with little problem. Then today at the site everything appeared to be normal. I formatted the sd card, went through the checklists in Pix4d, the camera was working as I was watching the progress on the screen, it was reporting that images were taken...but then nothing was recorded to the sd card. I switched to Pix4D because I was having similar issues with DroneDeploy about six months ago. Can anyone chime in on what they believe to be the most stable mapping software at the moment? This is with a P4P and iPad mini 4. I'll be going back to redo the mission in the morning, so I'm trying to decide whether to go back to DroneDeploy, give Pix4D another shot (checking the images in a laptop before leaving the site this time), or something else. Thanks.