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    All good stuff! I'm still a bit confused on this subject. I understand from everything that was previously just said that we are not allowed to fly over people unless they are involved and that we can not fly over moving vehicles. But why is it that just about every video I watch on YouTube, they're either flying over people or moving vehicles? If you say want to get footage of a nice iconic building, it's almost impossible not to fly over moving cars or people. Guess the people I see flying on YouTube they're just risking it then, and they all are in fact flying illegally?
  2. Hello! Id love to hear what software people use to edit their video and pictures after filming. I use Final Cut Pro X. I'd like to know what else is out there? Id also love to hear from people that use Final Cut Pro X on how it's working out for them?
  3. New to the industry and am curious what the best way is to deliver work to customers after post production is completed. I'm absolutely clueless on what is commonly used or done to deliver work in the most professional and efficient way. Also, if your looking to send work that's up to 5.2K, does sending that type of file differ vs. sending smaller files with 5.2K being such a large file to send?
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    @Alan Perlman Thanks Alan! I guess you could say all I'm looking for are some ideas. Places that people have gone. Most cities have the main part of town, lakes, parks, etc. I'm curious where people go to get comfortable. I'm not asking for where to fly around my area necessary, unless your from around where I live of course, but where people fly in their city...chances are, where they fly would give me a better feel of areas that relate to where I could fly. Like if they've flown over an attractive bridge, I have one in my town. You get the idea. @Steve Bennett You answered it per
  5. CDS


    @Steve Bennett I am located in Appleton Wisconsin. Thank you all for the responses. I'm getting some mixed messages. A lot of areas that I'd like to shoot does require flying over moving vehicles. I'm going to assume I can't which is why I'm here to confirm. Vehicles must be stationary correct? Reason I ask is because I see so many people out there taking footage that I don't think is legal. I'm here to clear the air basically of what you can and can't do along with providing some examples like picture attached. I do fly commercially and do have my Part 107 Certificate but of cours
  6. So I'm really pushing to get some good shots for my website this week for my site but am wondering where I'm able to shoot. I know of course how to check air space but am still nervous about throwing my drone up say over a cool bridge near by...maybe it's the first time jitters. Do I need permission from the city at all or need to do anything in public places or is their certain places to watch out for, areas to avoid, etc.? Am I able to fly over moving cars and near buildings? Do I need permission for that? I know you can't fly over people but I guess I'm just trying to figure out w