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  1. I understand where you are coming from, but those are consumer platforms, yes you don't have to buy a new keyboard and mouse but those PC's are made my dozens of different manufacturers, in a mature industry with standards that are shared across the board and by consortiums that create the standards. I was an an Inspire 1 Pro owner, how did I feel about the Inspire 2? Great. HUGE leap forward, I sold the Inspire 1 Pro for a good price and moved to the 2. Which now shoots much better video and stills, and gets me into shoot CinemaDNG and ProRes (wasn't before) at a lower price point wit
  2. Don't really see how this is a "big up yours" from DJI. Now they offer a Pro model, with a much better camera, better sensor tech, larger battery for the price the P4 was introduced at about a year ago. And they offer a "plus" model for a few hundred more. Looks like an annual upgrade path on a consumer product, pretty standard business. They now have a consumer (Mavic), higher end consumer / pro-sumer (Phantom 4 pro), Prosumer (Inspire 2), mid-pro (inspire 2 with X5S) and professional with the larger Matrice 600.A pretty well developed line across most needs. While also starting t
  3. @Kyle@NWDW - I'll give you a quick rundown of what I do, this is with the caveat that I am creating a ton of video and still assets and am a firm believer that if I don't 3 copies of my data I don't truly have it backed up (3-2-1 principle below) this is part of my OCD after decades of system engineer work. All of my work comes off the various media it captured on (RedMags, CineSSD, SD card, Cfast, codex, etc) and goes directly onto my attached storage, this is an 18TB direct attached storage. Depending on what I am working on some of that makes it's way into various local folders and st
  4. Hi @BennyB - This time of year this is a question I see a lot of and I would advise a TON of caution in this area. First, I wouldn't say there is a platform out there that is particularly good at this (yet). Quick reasons why (particularly with skiing) below. I am going to assume you mean downhill, not X-Country, if you mean cross country then you could have a lot better luck). Couple challenges you will face Seems like you want to autonomous (you being filmed, no one directly controlling) this is problematic right off the bat in that while are skiing you can't
  5. Hi everyone - I haven't been real active on this forum but I thought I would weigh in with what I do in regard to licensing, rights, charging etc. I'll try to make this a quick (I am not know for this!), succinct read. I license / sell use of my imagery in a couple of different ways. Almost always, regardless of the deal I own the imagery and am free to use it as I please. There are a few exceptions to this, let's start there. 1) Cases where I don't end up owning my imagery - Work for hire, very high price commercial jobs. This has happened a number of times in my still wor
  6. AV8Chuck - Great breakdown up above on calculating your overall price / cost. Particularly about distinguishing yourself from others and how that will help you not become commoditized across your area of business. On the part of equipment directly above though the piece about expect to make "x" with a commercial drone and 300-500 with a Phantom (or I am guessing you mean Inspire) is a bit off base. The "value" that you bring isn't in the equipment (unless the equipment you are flying can't meet the requirement of the job and fulfill the clients need), the value is in the service that