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  1. Just went in search of, and see that a separate controller is offered, but is unavailable at any retailer. $70.00, so I'll look into purchasing.
  2. I have this model, and don't think much of it. Does not have a separate controller, so the user interface is your smartphone or tablet. Which to me is very un user friendly. Even with my 7Plus or even my iPad, its just too aggravating to be any fun. You can't really see the video feed because the control features are superimposed over the video feed, so your thumbs are covering up the video, and there is nothing tactile to give you that sense of control while operating. Constantly looking to see where your thumbs are on the screen, then you have to find the camera control to adjust the shot, you can't watch the drone and fly it intuitively, very frustrating. it has some nice features, 4K, compact, I'd give it a 2 out of 5.
  3. Hello all, As a quick intro, I'm a small business owner here in the central Georgia area, looking to expand my opportunities. Recently purchased a DJI 4K, and hoping to acquire the necessary license to be able to utilize it in the real estate market locally. Have a couple smaller drones that i've messed around with in the back yard, lakeside, a Parrot Bebop, and a Yuneec Breeze, but this is my first dive in with a big boy toy. Had a slight mishap on its maiden flight, clipped a branch, and crashed. Luckily was only a few feet off the ground, wasn't prepared for the power and speed. Anyways, looking forward to the journey, hope to gain some knowledge and ideas from all you pros.