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  1. Andrew, Did anyone reply to you? I have the same question/concern. I took my re-current test 2 months ago. The testing center said I don't need to do anything else. I have been checking the mail for a new certificate, but nothing has been delivered. Are we supposed to keep the test results in our possession along with our old certificate? Thanks!
  2. I was wondering your thoughts on overflying highways on a Part 107 photo flight for hire. I have not seen any mentions other than crowds. Are vehicles moving along a highway considered crowds? I can restrict myself to the median, as it is wide enough to maneuver, but for proper photos of the business, I need to overfly a busy highway. What are your thoughts on that? Thanks, Scott
  3. Excellent, Thanks for the information, I will take a look!
  4. I am new to the industry still, but I am for a template of a letter to introduce myself to local Real Estate Brokers in my area. I have googled templates, but have not come across one that is geared for the Drone in the Real Estate Industry. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,
  5. Ok, well, maybe we'll try an easier question, how do I change my altitude on the display from Meters to Feet? Thanks,
  6. Good Morning, Quick question, I have the Mavic Pro, 32GB SD Card, on a PC (not MAC), so set to MP4 instead of MOV. When I remove the SD card and transfer to my PC laptop, I get an MP4 logo, the size is showing big (as if a recording is there), but I cannot play it back. When I open the SD card folder on My Computer and hit Play, it cannot find the file. Any thoughts as to why it will not playback on my laptop (PC)? What settings is recommended for proper playback? Thanks,
  7. Good Morning, I am meeting with my first RE Broker next week and would like to get a list of the "value" I can add to their listing agents. What kind of presentation do you give to the agents to sell your services to the agency? Thanks,
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    You are the Man! Thanks for the info!
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    Thanks for the response Juggernaught! Starting off, I am working with a RE broker locally, I would like to meet with a local Home Inspector to offer services. What kind of pitch can I offer, what value and what tangible information can I offer him? Are there price ranges I should consider for the mid-Atlantic area?
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    Hi Forum, Lots of great information here. I am new in the industry, recently licensed, Mavic Pro anticipating RE photo market initially. I am wondering, if I wanted to (or when I am ready to expand) into other facets of the industry, where do you get your requirements for these "reports". Ag Reports, if performing Ag monitoring, where can I find the requirements as far as lenses/cameras needed, and what reports are of value to the customer? Cell Towers, what equipment/reports that are of value? Home Inspectors, Roof inspections, what am I looking for? what reports am I sending back to the Inspector? I hope I explained my concern, basically how do you know what information is necessary to provide value to prospective customers in different fields? Are there templates online somewhere I am not seeing? Thanks for any guidance! Scott
  11. Good Morning, I am new to the Drone industry, I am scheduled to take the written exam next week. I am coming from an aviation based industry, but not UAS. I would like to find a Mentor to help me out with starting a UAS business. I would like to connect with someone who has recently, successfully broken into the industry and is willing to give a newbie a hand. I am initially looking into providing ariel photos for local real estate agents/brokers, and hopefully, expand from there. This may sound a bit flaky, but If someone that is outside of the Mid-Atlantic region, would probably be preferable, so there is no chance what-so-ever of us competing for a common customer base. If you are open to sharing your knowledge, please reach out to me. My email is I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to an exciting new adventure! Thanks,