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  1. We have the same thing happening in NH. Real Estate is an essential service, and I have done a few commercial real estate shoots since our Emergency Order banning non-essential service activities went into place (although may business volume is way down). However there were other aspects of that Order that I also interpreted as allowing me to operate commercially or recreationally. Like @Jason Bagnell I took a printed copy of the relevant Orders and regulations with me, to demonstrate that I had been responsible in my research before flying, in case anyone questioned my activities. I suggest t
  2. Just FYI, in addition to my response above, I also sent a direct message to Stine on Oct 19 or 20...have not heard anything back, even to simply acknowledge receipt of my message. Red flag in my book.
  3. Just seeing this post. I would be happy to work with you on this project. I am located 1 hour north of Boston, have extensive experience flying in BOS airspace with appropriate authorizations and 100s of hours flight time. I have been FAA Part 107 certified since the programs inception. My primary platform is DJI Inspire 2 with X5S camera, Prores and cinemaDNG licenses, and a wide range of lens options. Have shot for NY film companies. I do frequent work for nonprofits at reduced and rates. Please email me or call if you are interested. djm@ClearEyePhoto.com 603-501-8889 thanks
  4. In rural areas if I'm doing ops for a subject property that require me to hover or do back and forth maneuvering over adjacent occupied properties to get desired angles of my subject, I just go up to those properties before the operation, knock on the door, and nicely explain what I'm doing. I couch it in terms of being a courtesy to let them know rather than asking for their permission. I imagine my specific set of statements matter. The key points I make are that I'm a professional photographer and FAA certified drone operator who has been hired to shoot video or stills of xyz property and I
  5. Thanks so much for your kind words and constructive feedback Christian. It's very helpful that you commented on the "slight awkward movements" and exposure/grading mismatches. I was aware of them, but allowing myself to leave them unaddressed in the name of time and thinking it was "good enough." Having you comment on them is just the prod I need to push myself to a higher standard. The trick, of course, is time management. In any event I very much appreciate the input! Best, - David
  6. Thanks for letting me know. Wish I could be there for the film festival. Enjoy, and looking forward to hearing from you next week! Best, - David
  7. Hi Bert. Happy to share my observations, as I have some relevant experience. For background, I've logged about 100 hours flying an I1Pro ( X5 camera). Flew Phantoms for several years before (from Phantom 1 with GoPro to P3VP) and also have a Mavic. A friend I often collaborate with has P4P, and I've flown that several times and compared footage and stills with the I1 as we sometimes combine our work. Here are my thoughts on your questions: Comparing the drones themselves: I1 feels a bit less refined in the air but more powerful than the P4P. I can get smooth footage (i.e. fly smoothl
  8. Hi Christian. Here's a link to my demo reel project. Very much looking forward to your feedback/advice: https://youtu.be/FH9o0GJf014 Here's the background info you've requested: What NLE did you use to edit your piece? Premier Pro CC What resolution did you edit in? 3840x2160, 30fps Did you decide to showcase all of your capabilities with UAS or just a specific area? If a specific area, which one? (i.e. Motion Picture Filming) I put together the original version of this video to help me get a gig as a drone operator/videographer for a film company shooting in Portsm