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  1. Hello. I purchased the post production class some time ago. I just started watching the videos today. Pulled open Pro CC to follow along. Started project, imported video files, marked I/O, pulled a clip into sequence. Tried to do another clip, but the play/stop button doesn't work, nor the space bar. So i closed the program and started another project. Same thing this time. After 2 or 3 minutes the button and bar quits working. I can still scub through, but it will not play. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  2. WV legislature is pushing a few drone laws through. Can't fly over private property, can't take pictures of people naked, can't take pics of businesses (coal mines), etc. The delegates have way more people screaming about drones spying on them, then they do showing how useful the devices can be when handled properly.
  3. We have a small mapping job about 1.2 nm from a non towered airport. FSDO asked that we keep a handheld during the flight.
  4. Does anyone remember a recommended radio from 107 prep course? I am looking for hand held myself, but can't find it in the course.