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  1. I think I will wait for the Spark Pro or the Spark Advanced. If history repeats itself, I won't have to wait too long.
  2. Just growing pangs for a new industry. This certainly won't be the last bit of confusion we have to deal with.
  3. One of my considerations for a DJI product is that, because of their market share, there's a lot more software that integrates directly into their systems. Plus, while I recognize the safety factor of more than 4 props, I am also quite interested in the efficiency of a quad.
  4. Very good advice. Been thinking about a hex for safety. Any suggestions?
  5. The company asked me not to share the quote but I guess as long as I don't mention the company it should be OK. Rounding, it's between $28k and $29k.
  6. Hope so as that is the plan. I plan to retire from my real job sometime next year and plan to pursue my photography goals. I do a lot of in the area of wildlife and nature ( and figured maybe I could expand to doing some more technical and forensic type work if I could hang my camera from an unmanned aerial vehicle. What the heck. Life is full of surprises!
  7. Thanks for the response. You are correct in that I am not planning to make a living from this. Maybe just make enough money to cover the cost of the equipment and insurance. I just love flying and aerial photography. Figured the high-end equipment might give me a leg up in the market.
  8. My name is Frank Cohen and I am a new member to this forum. Just passed my part 107 and waiting for my certificate. Have a P4P right now but ordered a Matrice 210 with XTR and Z30. Looking to start doing contract work as a pilot for established companies. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in flying in the Tampa, FL area.
  9. I recently received my 107 certification and would like to start making money by offering contract services. In addition to my Phantom 4 Professional, I am waiting on a Matrice 210 with an XTR and Z30 so I can offer high-end services. I have 6 years flying drones for recreation and fun and am now looking to transition into it professionally. Problem is, I don't have a clue how to begin. I don't really want to start a company where I have to go out and generate business but would rather just contract with one or more already established companies. I live in the Tampa, FL area and would be willing to travel as reasonable. Any suggestions on how to get going with this? Thanks
  10. I have a question about discounts for taking multiple courses but can't find any way to contact anyone at the company. Am I the only one that finds that a bit strange???