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  1. Greetings from Georgia! My partner (Keith Douglas) and I started the company late last year and have applied for our 333 exemption. We are actively practicing our flying and video skills (much more to it than meets the eye). We plan on servicing all of Georgia and northern Florida. We fly the DJI Inspire 1 Pro and Phantom Pro and have invested in the DJI OSMO as well. We are working on quite a few projects. We have our insurance and FAA docket number - just waiting for the final word! Kit Carson
  2. I have heard about the knowledge test as well. But I do not think that June of this year will bring us any good news. Remember, this is the government. We elected to go forth with the 333 and did so last year. We have a docket number, so it should be soon (I hope).
  3. Typical political propaganda. I wonder how much the guy or gal is paid to dream up these acronyms? I wonder why the same registration and insurance requirement is not required for golf carts and 4-wheelers (in most states)? Probably because they cannot fly? I believe we do need to stay organized to fight some of this stuff. Am I alone?
  4. Nice work Tyson! What do you use for editing (software)?