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  1. Proposed Bill This bill aims to allow local jurisdictions such as states, counties, cities, towns the right to control airspace for sUAS purposes. Commercial art 107 and hobbyists will affected. What will this potentially cause? A concentric ring of laws that may contradict each other. Proposes 200 foot standoff from any private property as a minimum federal guideline. This will shut down closed set filming in close areas where you already have to get film permits. It will kill anyone wanting to do real estate shots. It will cause added confusion and extra bureaucracy to already arduous and complex set of rules and standards to operate in. It will make it harder or shops trying to comply while opening further opportunities for those wishing to ignore the rules. How can you have a conflicting guidance? Well you could have a job to fly in an area where you are inside 200 feet of someones property. By this law you would have to climb your aircraft to 200 feet AGL or higher. But it might be in controlled airspace where you have an ATC authorization to a max of 100 feet AGL because that might be the highest level you can fly at due to proximity of an airport. So in effect you cant fly. Local jurisdictions already have a method to regulate drone use. The loophole is the launch and recovery of them. And for certain operations such as closed set filming they can and have already established permits. Extra rules from different departments will further what acceptable and what is not. What really needs to happen, IMO? Congress needs to let the FAA codify model aircraft rules, treat them like ultralite manned aircraft in Part 91 but in the Part 107. This will make on simple set of rules that will not be arbitrary and piece milled sets of rules, guidance and advisories. What can you do? Write your two senators. I would suggest a hard copy as that will make more of an impression if their staff offices are being flooded with thousands of physical envelopes, versus simply just writing e-mails which are easier to ignore. If you stay silent it may happen. BTW, this is by partisan it is being co sponsored by Tom Cotton. Tom Cotton politically is on the far opposite fringe of the right political spectrum to Feinstein being on the far left. So this is not a liberal versus conservative issue.
  2. I was told that they will push them faster now if they already worked them for an area and can just rubber stamp one through as long as the other stuff is good. They have master gridded maps now. It will take longer if you need to deviate from what they can give you. I had a bunch in the que for over a month and heard nothing until one day I got two and e-mails from separate specialists and now I have pretty everything I have asked for.
  3. I found out the reason why is because its up to the local ATC on what altitudes they will accept. Each entity has their parameters where they feel comfortable for letting a drone fly. Some will look at the fact you are near buildings and away from other things others will not. The reason why the guy said right off the bat he could give you 50 is because the TRACON (Local ATC) have a map grided out with pre-approved altitudes that do not require any further coordination. In essence the guy doing them can just rubber stamp them and push them through as long as you meet all those other performance parameters. I encountered this because I got alot areas approved where I need it, except south of the my local Class C airport. I found out because the airports location to Kirtland Air Force Base. ATC when designed those maps they zeroed out a bunch of airspace that just happens to be near a lot of closed set filming is done due to being next to Albuquerque Studios. Well I remedied that. I set up an appointment with the TRACON's Airspace specialist. We a good hour and half discussion where I was able to describe the operations which I had done 20 times before under my 333 COA. Afterwords she said that if I contact who did my 107 COA I could just get probably amended. Sure enough I am getting an amendment to it. So maybe contacting the local TRACON at Logan and see if they have time to discuss your specific issue you might be able to get what you need pushed through. The big thing is that the local ATC are just as confused as the rest of the world on how this is supposed to work. Some of these will be more reasonable when you actually talk to them and tell them what you are doing it for.
  4. I don't if it would be a mistake. You might want to wait a while as the price of remaining stock will go down. You may even get a better deal finding it used or DJI referb. A lot of people are dumping them for the Mavic. For the money you may want to look at the Autel. I have never used one, but it seems like its owners are content with them. The Autel camera is fairly similar to the P4.
  5. That is a sort of sore spot with me. I got an I1 RAW in July to compliment my I1 Pro. I was not too thrilled to see the I2 X5S come out this soon. If I had a Chrystal ball I would have waited till the I2 came out, although I work in film so having RAW DNG is crucial so I had no choice to get an X5R system. I can fly RED's but not as robust as the Inspire for the more risky shots. Luckily I was able to make the money on the I1 RAW so getting the I2 should be a longer term system. I have the means to get the I2, but was hoping to hold on to 8 grand for a little longer. The funny thing is I am too upset that the I1 pro is not compatible I will use it still for short budget stuff. The I1 RAW or the M600 will end up being a backup bird in the fleet.
  6. I see this as a no brainer. I am surprised it took them this long to kill the P3A/P line. Now with the Mavic the P4 is almost useless. Yeah camera purests, I agree that the P4 camera is better than the cell phone on the Mavic, but not to the level for the target market which is the average consumer who buys point and shoots over 5D's, D800's and other like systems. If you know what you are doing you can get good shots with a Mavic. Considering 5 years we were all lugging DSLR's like 5DMKII's in the air for 1080 footage this is not bad. None of these legacy Phantom systems fit anymore in the standard product lineup. The P4 was not that impressive. It was just an update IMO to the P3P. The P4 Pro is light years ahead of the P4 in terms of flight control and camera. My thought is that the P4 is still built around the Naza 2 whereas the P4 Pro is built around the Naza 3 which is probably why they had a limited run on these. They used the P4 as a surrogate for the pro model. Anyone who had a P3P would not have benefited that much by upgrading to the 4. The way I see it it makes sense. The Mavic is now the high end consumer drone. The P3 Standard makes sense to leave it alone as the basic entry consumer drone. The P4 Pro is the entry level prosumer to high end consumer drone replacing the Inspire 1 X3. The Inspire 2 X4S will be the entry to mid level prosumer drone. The Inspire 2 X5S with both licenses for DNG and PR is a mid to high level professional drone for serious cinematography. The M600 is just short of being at the tier of high end professional drones compared to models like the Freefly Alta 8. Although it is a close second IMO. My only issue with the M600 is that I don't trust 6 rotors carrying $100k of Alexa mini and Zeis glass on board. Even though they designed the 6 motor to handle a motor failure it spins whereas an 8 won't. That's the only thing missing from the lineup is an Alta 8 contender. I would feel much more comfortable with an 8 rotor, preferably an X8 coaxial. Also I would like the X5S to be compatible to the M600 or future platforms, there is something nice about 40 minutes on the X5R on an M600. TBH I would not be disappointed if they killed the Phantom entirely. Its an outdated platform. You cant do as much with it as an Inspire. The P4P will never be able to do a max speed shot with the camera at the horizon without the props in the shot. I think they need an update on the frame where the camera is not directly under the frame. It would make sense if the new systems have the collapsible form factor of the Mavic. They have to be considering the Autel's next model will have dual op capability with retractable. So something like an Inspire lite might be in order, front loaded camera with retracts. I would not surprised to see a Phantom 5 in the same form factor, but will be dual op with retracts to compete with Autel.