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  1. here is what an official has stated to me in an email. i see no problems taking a drone into lima. i will be printing this out and taking it with me just in case though.. Dear Keith whitehead You don´t need a permission for bring one (01) drone in to peru, you don´t need anything only bring your drone and enjoy it Best regards Omar suasnabar Omar Alfonso SUASNABAR ESPINOSA COORDINADOR DE PERMISOS DE INTERNAMIENTO Dirección General de concesiones en Comunicaciones MINISTERIO DE TRANSPORTES Y COMUNICACIONES Jr. Zorri
  2. wow went through scanner and nothing? well ok then thanks i feel much better. i went last year with a bigger drone and had no problems in or out.. just been hearing these horrible stories lately.. ok ill give it a go thanks for your reply.
  3. Jim how was the Experience. im coming to peru in April 2017 wanna bring my phantom 4 for recreational purposes. i dont have a receipt of purchase as i bought it used here in the usa. i wanna meet some fellow fpv Racers also. im big into Racing also. ill be staying near Miraflores for two weeks. any help will be great. is it easeir to bring racing quads?